Abstract – As
population is increasing day by day, urban residential areas have also
increased because of this reasons water has become a critical problem which
affects the problem of water distribution, water conservation, water
consumption and also interrupted water supply. People are found complaining
that they don’t have sufficient amount for their daily needs, so to overcome
water supply related problems and make system efficient there is need of proper
monitoring and controlling system. In this paper, we present design for water
monitoring and control approach based on IOT which focuses on continuous  and real time monitoring of water supply that
enables proper and uniform distribution so that we can have a record of
available amount of water in tanks, flow rate abnormality in distribution line.
This paper proposes the conceptual design of closed loop automated water
distribution system for residential buildings. Here electronic flow rate
sensors are fixed in the inlet of every user, when the system is turned on the
amount of water utilized by each user is monitored and controlled by using
micro controller by counting the pulses from all channels continuously. The
maximum amount of water to be consumed by individual user is fixed based on the
availability of water reserves in the tank. The valve can turn on/off  by the central control and processing unit to
stop the water supply whenever the flow rate exceeds a predefined threshold. Thus,
a closed-loop control system can be implemented. This system is interfaced with
the computer to store consumption of individual users in real time and also to
manage the system through the computer will be much easier for admin.


Key Words:  IOT, Water distribution
system, Electronic flow meter, closed loop water system, Arduino UNO, Wi-Fi,
Water level sensor, Solenoid valve



Water is one of the most important resource for all the livings on
the earth. In that, some people do not obtain sufficient amount of water
because of unequal distribution. So, it should be supplied properly as well as carefully
and at right time to fulfill the daily activities. The primary objective is to
design and develop a low cost, reliable, profitable and efficient technique to
make appropriate water distribution by continuous monitoring and also
controlling it from central server so as to solve water related complications.
This paper gives an idea to help us to provide water in a proper sequential order.
In order to implement water distribution system in a appropriate channelized
manner to the end users, the control room of each user should be provided with
a micro controller to regulate and control the required quantity of water in
proper time interval. The electrically actuated solenoid valve will be shut
down automatically when the limit reaches the determined threshold value. With
the help of the internal predefined limit in the system, the flow of water
through the valve is controlled. The Wi-Fi module is used for wireless
communication so that message can be sent to the admin in the central control

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            Fig. 1.  Design of proposed system 


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