About The government of UK has acknowledged the

About the Industry: The construction industry is the bread winner for millionsof work force in UK. According to Office for national statistics, constructioncontributes to 6% of GDP of the UK economy. But lately, the industry has lostits shine due to its inefficiencies & capabilities to adapt totechnological advancement. In comparison to other industries, the constructionsector has been slow in innovation and has done far too less to increase theproductivity.

This is primarily due to the increased number of firms emergingin this field. The Construction statistics annual publication states that in2016 the number of registered construction business in Great Britain is at arecord high of 0.3 Million. Smith (2009) is of the view that the building industryis highly fragmented and unlike other sectors like automobile, in construction,no single enterprise is large enough to demand higher efficiencies orproductivity throughout the supply chain. Therefore, the need for technologicaldevelopment arises.BuildingInformation TechnologyInformation is money in construction. In many instances nonavailability of information leads to delay in the decision making process,which in turn delays the project as a whole. Building Information Technology(BIM) as a tool provides all the information required for the project from thedesign phase to the occupation phase of the building life cycle.

Allinformation is stored in a common data environment, thus making it accessibleto all the stakeholders of the project. BIM on the contrary to the traditionalapproach focuses on building information rather than restricting itself to thegeometry of the building. This technology endorses lean practices to improveconstructability & sustainability of the building. The government of UK hasacknowledged the need for technological advancement and hence mandated the implementationof BIM with a maturity level-2 in all centrally procured projects.


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