Abortion is one issue that greatly divides the American public. While one side opposes abortion based on moral issues and the respect for life, others believe that it should be allowed based on a woman’s right to govern her body or her “personal liberty that the government should not be part of. ” In Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, the plaintiff sued the state for giving conditions to women who seek abortion. The organization asserts that certain conditions impair a woman’s personal choice.

On the pro-abortion’s side, the advocates believe in “supporting individual choices” no matter what they are. Women should primarily have the choice for themselves on wanting a pregnancy to be completed or aborted before a baby is born. The pro-abortionists operate on the premise that fetuses are not yet endowed with rights accorded to human beings. The pro-abortionists want to save the woman from the dangers of a difficult pregnancy by allowing her to have an abortion. For instance, a woman with a heart condition is sometimes cautioned against giving birth as it could cause her death.

In that regard, the woman should decide if she wants to endanger herself and let the fetus insider her womb grow, or terminate the pregnancy early. It is a matter of life and death for that woman and she alone should have the final decision on the issue. The government or any other person should not interfere or forced the woman to do something she does not want to do. Women should also not be forced to have a child when she’s not emotionally and financially ready to have one.

It would simply make a woman miserable and the child deprived of many things. It could also result to resentments between mother and child and a relationship that is dysfunctional. The mother would be losing on many opportunities because of the unwanted child. The child in turn would not feel loved and could grow into a problem adult. Finally, abnormalities could happen to children and the mother should determine whether or not she’s ready to live with abnormalities that her child could have.

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Lindeman promotes proper “information dissemination” to pregnant women. According to the author, women should know during the prenatal check-ups whether their children have abnormalities or not. Should they learn of one, they should be given the choice of whether or not to continue with the pregnancy and live with their choice. (1088) From the anti-abortion’s perspective, abortion is simply murder no matter what the circumstances are. A mother should not act like God and decide on the faith of an unborn child.

In the United States, antiabortion became law in the 19th century to regulate the unsafe practices of some doctors, aside from its moral aspect (Britannica Online Reference Center). Antiabortion advocates believe that the process also endangers the mother. Mistakes could happen when a woman is undergoing an abortion. She could get herself killed or become sterile for the rest of her life. Although this condition is a result of the medical procedure, the moralists would claim that she’s only receiving her due for getting an innocent life killed.

In antiabortion campaigns, videos are shown of actual abortions. Some processes involved salting the fetus and pulling out the body parts one by one. What the antiabortion advocates would like to emphasize is the inhumanity of the act. They want people to think of how helpless the fetuses who are already alive and can feel pain. These advocates also assert that even if they’re still unborn, the fetuses are already human beings and have the right to live like everybody else, an issue of contention on both sides.


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