(Abdominoplasty) Tummy tuckABOUT TUMMY TUCK/ ABDOMINOPLASTY/  WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY After substantial weight loss, many men find their abdominal muscles are weaker and the skin in that area has become much looser. Despite exercise and diet this excess skin may be difficult to tone up and can cause self-consciousness and anxiety. Having a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty/weight loss) procedure can help. During the procedure the muscles can be tightened and excess skin removed, leaving a firmer and flatter abdomen. Many of our patients choose to combine a tummy tuck procedure with having Liposuction to their waist area to create a new slim waistline.BENEFITS OF HAVING TUMMY TUCK SURGERY/ ABDOMINOPLASTY/  WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY Increased overall self-confidence.Increased self esteem.Ability to wear more fitted clothing, or clothes that you may have previously avoided.Regaining a more toned and youthful body shape.No more hiding behind big tops/t-shirts.FACTS ABOUT TUMMY TUCK SURGERY/ WEIGHT LOSS SURGERYWeight loss (Tummy tuck) surgery is not a way to lose weight.This procedure removes excess skin following weight loss or exercise.Very often this procedure is carried out with Liposuction to define body shape.This procedure tightens the muscles and remove excess skin to leave a firmer and flatter abdomen.THE PROCEDURE FOR TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERYThe tummy tuck (Weight loss)procedure takes around 2 hours under general anaesthetic.Tummy tuck (Weight loss)procedures requires a 1 or 2 night stay in hospital.Loose excess skin and fatty tissue are removed through an incision which extends across the abdomen, usually from hip to hip.A benefit of this procedure is that the entire abdominal muscle wall can be tightened, usually with permanent sutures.You have a firmer result and flatter tummy (even if you didn’t have a flat tummy before).Tummy Tuck results and benefits can vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteedIS TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY RIGHT FOR ME ?CHOOSING TO HAVE TUMMY TUCK SURGERYThere are many reasons why people choose tummy tuck / Weight loss surgery:Unattractive loose skin around the abdomen areaStretch marks to the abdomen area caused by significant weight lossOld scars from previous surgeryThe inability to wear brief underwear/swimwear due to excess skin/fatty tissueDesire to have a flatter abdomenWHO SHOULD HAVE A TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERYPatients who feel self conscious about their stomach and wish to obtain a flatter abdomen – often patients choose to have a tummy tuck after weight loss. Other patients choose to have a tummy tuck to get rid of stretch marks, loose skin or scars.Curls and curves has been committed to providing excellence in Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Solutions in the Bangalore/Bengaluru since we were established. During this time, we have developed a full understanding of the many reasons why people have Cosmetic Surgery and how it can improve how they feel about themselves.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I HAVE A SURGERYBEFORE YOUR TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERYIf you are a smoker, or take aspirin or any other medication, your Cosmetic Surgeon will wish to discuss this with you at your consultation.Dr Girish will advise you if you are to discontinue and/or resume these activities.THE DAY OF YOUR TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY*The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room to obtain your final consent, and answer any last minute questions and queries that you may have.When you wake up from the anaesthetic you will find drainage tubes will be in place and painkillers will be given to you as required.A support corset will be applied as required.You will stay in hospital for 24-48 hours at the discretion of your Cosmetic Surgeon.GOING HOME AFTER YOUR TUMMY TUCK / SURGERYYou will need to rest considerably after this operation and during the first week post-surgery and you will need to be careful not to put a strain on your lower abdomen.It is advisable to refrain from any strenuous exercise or work for up to 6 weeks. Most patients can expect to return work after 2 weeks.It is very important that you attend the follow up post-surgery appointment which has been made for you, to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon post-operatively to make sure that you are healing well.You will have your own personal Nurse Counsellor both before and after your procedure to support you and answer any questions you may have.RECOVERY FROM TUMMY TUCK SURGERYFollowing surgery, you will need to rest and wear a light support garment.Return to light exercises to start toning muscles after at least 2 weeks.Most men return to work about 14 days after their operation.THINGS TO CONSIDER It is important that your decision to have a Cosmetic Surgery procedure is considered carefully. There are many points that should be considered before deciding to have any type of Cosmetic Treatment or Surgery.There are also some possible risks, as with all surgical operations, which your Cosmetic Surgeon will talk through and explain to you at your consultation, answering any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to discuss your intended surgery in order that the Cosmetic Surgeon can ascertain your expectations as to what can realistically be achieved.Dr Girish who performs Tummy tuck(weight loss) procedure at curls and curves belongs to one of the reputed Medical College – Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka, is fully accredited to practice in the Bangalore(bengaluru) India as a specialist in Plastic Surgery, and has specific training and experience in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for over 20 years.Our nurses advise you consider the following things before your surgery:Post surgery activities including sleeping arrangementsHave necessary post-operative garmentsHow long will the effects of treatment keep me away from my usual activities?At what stage will I be able to judge the results of treatment?How long do the results last?When can I return to work?COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND AFTERCAREHow long does the treatment take?Is the treatment painful and if so what form of anaesthesia is used?What type of care will I need after treatment?Will I need pain relief following treatment?Will I have swelling or bruising and can these be treated?Will I need to wear a supportive garment?Of course these are just some of the commonly asked questions but please feel free to ask your nurse for lots more informationAt curls and curves our aftercare is second to none. You will have your own specially trained cosmetic surgery nurse to guide you through your procedure and aftercare. In fact with curls and curves you are patient for life.Cosmetic Surgeons at curls and curves are among the most skilled, qualified and experienced in the Cosmetic Surgery field and our fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses are specially selected for their expertise and approachability.For quality care and ethical practices coupled with experience and they very best medical skills available, there is only one name to trust… Curls and curves cosmetic surgery centre.WHY MIGHT YOU CHOOSE TUMMY TUCK / WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY Remove the loose skin left behind after significant weight lossAchieve the firm, flat stomach you’ve always wantedIncrease your clothing choicesFeel happier in swimwear, underwear and figure-hugging outfit.  


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