A Similar path is
followed to for the development of the media plan and strategies, except that
the purpose of Media plan is to communicate the message of the organization in
the most efficient way. A situation analysis has to be done before preparing a Media
plan for the organization, in which Internal factors, External factors as well
as competitive strategies are to be reviewed. A market analysis is also
performed focusing on the media, and the delivery of the message.

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The situation analysis
will provide a number of target markets, but to decide which specific groups to
go after will be the work of a Media planner. A lot of factors are considered
before choosing the options which are gathered through primary as well as
secondary research. The data collected through primary as well as secondary
research is raw, and media planners would prefer to make it in the format of
percentage figures and indexes to make it more attractive and acceptable.

Sometimes factors like
index numbers are considered for indicating the potential of the market, which
gives the proportion of the people using the product in a particular population
as compared to the total population. While index provides demographic,
geographic and psychographic information, other factors may also be useful in
defining specific markets and their media usage. In India, syndicated research
offerings provide the kind of information specified above.

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There are organizations
which provide information related to specific factors like

National Food Survey provides
information related to food habits and consumption of convenience food.

Small town and rural audience data(STAR)
provides demographic geographic and media graphic information related to small
and rural areas.

Indian Readership Survey(IRS) and TATA
Media Research for TV which help in getting data related to direct surveys and
thus get the first hand information which is more reliable and thus helpful in
assessing the true potential of a market or segment.


So all these factors
are combined and used in assessing the potential of a market or a segment and
then specific media planning for them is done.



Internal and External Factors are Operating

Media strategies are
influenced by both internal and external factors. The size of the media budget,
the potential of the management, organization of the agency etc., such factors
constitute the internal factors, whereas factors like the overall rising cost
of media in the economy, availability of new technology in the media segment,
competitive factors etc. comprise the External factors.

To analyze the
competitive factors, information regarding the competitors is required, which
is attained through various sources like

The Competitive Media reporting Service
which provides data related to all the players competing in the same market.

In India TAM Media Research provides
advertising expenditure figures for various brands.

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It is noted that there
is different demand and thus different sales in different areas of the same
country, so there has to be different media plans for different places
according to the market potential. So to assess the budget and strategies that
are to be implemented in different areas three different indexes are used which

survey of buying power index- based on three
factors, population, effective buying income and total retail sales, in equal
proportion and respected weightage according to the area , gives a realistic
market potential of the area. It is combined with other information to get the
specific geographic areas that are to be targeted.

brand development index(BDI)- it gives the rate of
product usage by geographic area, i.e. it is the ratio of the percentage of the
brands sale in that particular segment to the percentage of population in that
area to get the sales potential of the brand for that area. In this case the
higher the index, higher is the market potential of the brand in that area.

category development index(CDI)- it provides
information on the potential of total product category rather than specific

These indexes give
insights for different areas, so that a proper media plan can be formulated, to
promote the brand in different markets and segments.


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