Guillermo Reyes Eng. 1302 11/09/2013 Mrs. Deely The Fearless Phoenix In the short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Wetly, obstacles and symbolism is taken place thru ought the story to represent Phoenix Jackson’s courageous and determination for her grandson. As she takes her treacherous Journey she encounters hints of racism and a symbolic path where even her name shows how she is as an individual. With all this at hand she is still driven to her main goal which is to get the medicine to her grandson. Just like a Phoenix known to give rebirth as it rises from the ashes.

In story, Phoenix runs into a white hunter along the way that we can assume she lives in a time where there are still bigot people. The hunter says “l know you old colored people! Wouldn’t miss going to town to see Santa Claus! “(Pg. 1393, P. 45). The hunter uses the word “colored people” represents that she is a minority compared to the white hunter. This shows how she is viewed in her society. She was also referred as “Granny’ and “Aunt Phoenix” and she was not addressed formally as “Mrs. Jackson”; this exemplifies that she also has no status of where she is rom.

This is Just an example how she is going along a challenging path. She is fearless old lady not being afraid of the white person that looks down upon her. This hunter has no idea of the determination which turns into courage is the reason this old lady is going along this dangerous way all for her grandson. Phoenix Jackson appearance and characteristics are that of a golden Phoenix. Just like the mythical creature known as the Phoenix it is a bird of rebirth that regenerates from the ashes and illuminates a fiery red-golden coat.

She is trying to help out her grandson in the case that he is ill. So she is on her way to get him medicine. She has the resemblance as well during the introduction of the story she is described as wearing a “red rag” and having a “golden color” as well as “yellow burning”(Pg. 1390, P. 1-2). The author’s description adopts the colors of a burning phoenix. She uses the word “burning” to emphasize the color of her face. The phoenix is powerful and fierce Just as Mrs. Jackson is.

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She comes along way from white hunters with guns to even a tall uphill hat almost seems impossible for her to get up. Phoenix is a strong determined woman that does not let any obstacle get in her way. In conclusion, the story is long short story where others will think it is Just an old lady hallucinating and talking to strangers all to get medicine for her son. That is really not the complete package of the story it is about symbolism and how she gets through difficult milestones, but it is harder for her because of her old age.

She is not as strong physically as others would hink, but her determination is fills up her morale causing her to have physical and mental strength. She has been through rough Journey this why it is titled the “A Worn Path”. Her determination and courage have defeated the obstacles such being poor and being black was difficult in that time. Phoenix is not stopping for nothing because she still has a golden heart; the bird of a Phoenix. Phoenix Jackson is still Schilb, John and Clifford, John. Making Literature Matter Fifth Edition. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, 2012


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