A Food and Beverage Manager
of a Hotel or Resort will have to plan, forecast and control the ordering of
food and beverages for a property. Finances related to the whole process of
purchasing, which include sourcing, ordering and transporting the goods is also
managed by that person. Staffing and the running of a restaurant or any food
and beverage outlet in a hotel setting is managed by the Food and Beverage Manager.
F&B managers are often also directly responsible for the recruiting, hiring
and termination process as well as training and evaluating the staff. The
manager is also responsible for coordinating all phases of meetings functions,
by assisting clients in program planning and menu selection.

Other responsibilities in
this job include from a financial point of view, achieving budgeted food and
beverage sales, labor costs and profitability. Menu planning with the executive
chef of the establishment, designing and updating the menus for restaurants as
well as keeping food trends play a part in the F&B managers role. Dealing
with any issues that might arise over the course of a day need to be addressed
by this managers presence, which makes sure that customers are satisfied, and
the service is always to the highest standards.

There are many skill sets
required for the job of Food and Beverage Manager. Some of the ones that stand
in the foreground are customer service, planning, organizing, coordinating and
directing. Doyle mentions that the critical role of a manager is to ensure that
a company’s many moving parts are all working properly together (Doyle 2017).
Other skills needed are time management, critical thinking and management of
financial resources. The last is important for the F manager, as it
determines how money is spent to get the job done and account for these

According to salary.com
the median annual income for a F manager is $70,313 per year. This
obviously fluctuates depending the geographical area where the job is
located.  The bureau of Labor statistics
projects an increase of 9% in food and beverage management between 2016 and
2016. This is above average for management job growth over the next 10 years.
This means that is a good chance of getting a job as F Manager. The
National Restaurant Association is projecting that the industry will grow a
combined 1.6 million jobs by 2027.

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To get to the job of Food
and Beverage Manager, I do have already some qualifications. Currently I am
employed as an executive chef at a hotel and therefore in the industry for me
the next step up the ladder would be the title of Food and Beverage Manager. I
will need about two more years of experience to be able to apply for such a
job. By then I should have enough practice in my current job to take on a new

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I have discovered that there is a lot of information about any job-related
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