A blog is a website that is regularly maintained by a person
or group of people. Blogs usually have posts that encompass multiple topics or
different aspects about one broad topic. Public Health Matters Blog
(https://blogs.cdc.gov/publichealthmatters/) is a blog run by a group of people
at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I found this blog by
using the search engine Google and typing in “public health blogs.” Since it is
regulated by the CDC, I found it to be interesting and was hopeful that it
would cover the many public health topics within it.

Health Matters Blog does cover a variety of public health issues including, but
not limited to, emergency preparedness, emergency response, infectious diseases
and prevention. Many of the posts are current events that educate visitors
about what is going on around the world in terms of public health and there are
also posts on how to prevent certain diseases/illnesses. An example of one post
was the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and how they planned to educate children
in the U.S. Virgin Islands without ample resources since many were destroyed (Washington,
2018). This post described how many departments within the U.S. Virgin Islands
and CDC came together to provide resources and emergency preparedness kits to
the children there (Washington, 2018). Another post in Public Health Matters
Blog focused on how to clean up after someone with norovirus has infected an
area, so this covered prevention methods (2017).

            The overall
nature of the content is very wide-ranging and it includes the many topics that
are relevant in public health. It gives a good understanding of what public
health is since it covers many areas and does not just focus on one aspect.
This blog does a good job in representing public health as a highly political
and scientific subject. It displays that public health is a science that works
to promote health and prevent disease worldwide through collaborative efforts
in government and research. It also shows that public health is about
prevention methods and preparedness. If this blog touched on only one part of
public health, it would not have given a good broad understanding of the topic
to those who are unfamiliar with it. Public Health Matters Blog includes plenty
of valuable information and allows visitors to better understand what the
public health research and science entails.




Norovirus Illness is Messy – Clean Up Right Away Web
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Norovirus Illness is Messy – Clean Up Right Away

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Washington, M. (2018, January 17). Educating Children
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