Hard Life “Eyes of the Emperor” by Graham Salisbury was a very interesting novel. Eddy Okobu lives in Hawaii. Eddy is an Asian-American. After Eddy lies about his age and signs up for the army Hawaii has been introduced to the Pearl Harbor explosions. Now everybody sees all of the Asian-Americans as an enemy and the Army makes them do the dirty work: dig trenches, set up barbed wire along the beach, and stand watch all night.

After a couple of months they put the Asian-Americans on a remote island to do a special Job. Eddy soon finds out that he is bait for the new K-9 experiment. A doctor comes to the assumption that the Japanese have a different odor than the Americans. So they train dogs to smell out Eddy and his friends so they can put those dogs into battle and help the troops. After many hard months of working. the doctor tries an experiment in front of the General to see how it is going.

A white American and Eddy being Japanese, set out along a trail. The dog could not pick out Eddy from the white man and the general shut down the operation. Eddy and his friends had nothing to do now then go to Europe and fght in the war. My business card related to the story because Eddy his brother, and his father worked at his father’s boat shop. So I decided that if Eddy ever came back from the war then he would take over the shop and continue in his boating experience.


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