* Feature films use codes to construct their characters, settings and conflicts, representations * Reflect ideas’ existing in society, such as evil is always present in the end. * A Series of Unfortunate Events directed by brad siberling boldly * Depicts that evil in end is ever present when Count Olaf escapes imprisonment. * Summary of a series of unfortunate events * count Olaf is constructed through swat codes(tc,sc,ac) To convey this tension that is unresolved in end of film intro * Olaf is drawn somewhat unsympathetically through the use of *low camera angle shots, low key lighting * + his unpredictability as he invades other people’s space. * Olaf constructed as arrogant and harmful person * When the children arrive at Olaf’s house his eye is the first part of Olaf that the audience sees; * Eye is large and intimidating. He yells ‘intrude’ instead of meeting the children at the door suggesting that he perceives them as a burden * Once inside we see that there is low key lighting and Olaf is at the top of the stairs captured through a * * He ambles to the bottom of the stairs intermittently leaning in toward the camera to suggest that the children * Are welcome at his ‘womb-like abode’. This is contradicted with the revelation that he’s seeking Baudelaire * Wealth: Quote ‘where do i sign for the fortune, oh i mean the children’ he cares little for the children. ody 1 * The idea of evil always being present are further reinforced through symbolism * Olaf works in the acting profession, this position symbolises his false nature. * He deceives people for his own gain. He dresses up as Stefano to try and steal the Baudelaire fortune, * Claiming that if he were Olaf, quote= ‘I’m sure he would look and sound completely different. ’ * Through taking on a different identity, Olaf reinforces our expectations of a villainous character * Represents evil body 2 The audio codes further reinforce evil always being present through the representation of characters. * ‘Violet’s only fourteen. She can’t be legally married. She can if she has the permission of her guardian and who is that? Oh yes,me! Look it up bookworm’ * Olaf’s knowledge and determination to get what he wants ( the Baudelaire fortune) show how his is evil and manipulative. * Music has been used throughout the film to emphasize how the reader should respond to the characters * Olaf’s music emphasizes his arrogance.

Tone of voice and dialogue reinforce the nature of his character * body 3 * the idea of evil always being present is shown by brad siberling * In his feature film A Series of unfortunate events. * The character is boldly dawn representations of this idea so that the children can easily recognize them. * At the end of the film the villain count Olaf escapes his imprisonment and is ever still at large, * Thus suggesting that evil is ever present in society


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