A Place at the Table There are different versions of the American dream whether it is for Justice or for an escape. In this short documentary, it talks about the different experiences of 8 individuals who dug deep into their familys migration stories. Almost every single one of the story tellers said that the American dream that their parents or grandparents were chasing after was a place or a dream to escape. They were either trying to escape their harsh environment, or trying to build a different identity that hey were never given a chance to live in their own countries.

One of people who talked about their experiences these in the movie is Wislene who came from Haiti who went to America to fulfill her American dream to escape her homelands poverty, malnutrition and corrupt and brutal government. She had big expectations when she came here to America. She thought there would be money Just lying around on the floor. Another is Carol, who’s grandparents escaped their homeland by using a boat, came to America in search of a better life for back then there was a potato fungus utbreak.

The dream of social Justice is the search for a new home that is more fair and Just than the home theyVe left behind. The person searching for social Justice were the Japanese grandparents of a man named Peter. Another was Wislene, for the government of her land in Haiti causes tyranny and destruction amongst the people. The dream of self definition is going to a place to build a new identity and personality. The person who shared their story about self definition is Terry and Wislene.

They are both trying to build a gay identity in America. Another is Samuel whose grandparents were African American slaves. His ancestors built a new identity here in America by establishing and making their own schools so that they will be seen as equals to the white society. The American nightmare however is something that was unexpected when people migrated to this place in search for a better life. Instead of finding a better life, the first generation of immigrants found it very hard to survive.

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There were the Ku Klux Klan who hunted down black man and woman, the lack of Jobs given to colored people or immigrants, the immigrants were not respected by the white society, trying to kill the beliefs and principles of the Indians, the sending of Jewish and Japanese people to Concentration Camps were all the nightmares that each and every one’s ancestors or grandparents of the people in the movie talked about. This only proves that it was really hard for them to survive in America. a place at the table By silentknightl 2


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