“A full analysis of a
conflict can be accomplished by describing the workings of the overall systems
and how those connect to recurring communication patterns inside the systems.” (Hocker & William W., 2014, p. 222) It is important to
understand how the systems work as a whole. The main focus of the systems is
wholeness, organization, and patterning of the organization.

In an environment there are patterns created that are
different from other parts that affect one another within. Different systems
react differently to communication. Within a closed system they do not interact
with their environment. While in an open system the information that is
received is used to interact strongly with its environment.

Conflict has a chain reaction on the people that the
conflict is affecting. Coalitions occur based on the types of bonds between
people. “When two people are coalesced, they orient to one another, share more
information, and feel closer to others.” (Hocker & William W., 2014, p.
Coalitions can form anywhere; home, work, school, church, extra curriculars
like sports or clubs, etc. People form coalitions to feel comfortable and safe.
It gives them the opportunity to talk and have support, and gain power.

we need to change our own behavior even if others don’t change theirs within
the system. “Systems develop rules for conflict that are followed even if they
work poorly.” (Hocker & William W., 2014, p. 224) System rules
repeatedly block cooperative conflict. Conflicts that repeat follow a certain
pattern. “Organizations have to cope with the complexity of their environment in
order to survive.” (Scneieder, Wickert, & Marti,
The response to environmental complexity is to create internal complexity or collaborative

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family systems theory is a theory of human behavior that views the family as an
emotional unit and uses systems thinking to describe the complex interactions
in the unit. It is the nature of a family that its members are intensely
connected emotionally.” (Kerr, 2000) Family has a big influence
on it’s members from birth that affect them psychologically, physically, and emotionally.
As people it is in our nature to seek acceptance and support that reacts to our

emotional system as having evolved through natural selection, Bowen believed
the blueprint of the emotional system predated the origin of life and saw the
organization of natural systems as occurring not just within individual
organisms but between organisms in enduring relationship with one another, such
as in a family system.” (Palombi, 2016) A child is driven by individuality and togetherness
to become capable in acting, feeling, and thinking for themselves but to also be
able to act, feel, and think within the family as a whole.

such as anxiety and tension between members affects every person of the family just
like a chain reaction. The more anxiety and tension causes us to become disconnected
from each other emotionally and physically. It causes people to become isolated
or withdrawn. The person that takes on the most stress within the system becomes
susceptible to illnesses both physically and mentally, alcoholism, and even affairs. 


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