A very good morning I bid to everyone
here.  Have anyone of you here ever been in
an unpredictable situation? A situation whereby it gets you an adrenaline rush
and you have no idea on how you should respond to it or what you should do? By this
time you might have regret for not taking any survival skills class. There’s a
saying “In a survival situation, it is do or die. The ones that take action,
using knowledge and common sense live.” So today I want to stress about the
importance of survival skills and why do we have to know about it which are to
make ourselves be independent, to take an adventure, and due to the unstable of
world economy.

First and foremost, survival skills can let
ourselves be independent. Learning survival skills is an act of independence
whereby you can take control of your destiny in your own hands. For instance, if
you were lost in a forest for two to three days or it might take a week, you
might get panic and scared. Rescue teams may take two to three days to
reach you. How do you want to survive if you don’t have survival skills? Maybe you
can drink water from a nearby river but how long that can last? It’s all about
survival skills. That is what you need. At least by the age of fifteen, you
should master basic surviving skills such as fire, shelter, and signalling
techniques.  At the end of the day, you are the one responsible
for yourself.

Second of all is to take an adventure. Instead
of learning survival skills for own surviving skills, it can gives us a brand
new adventure in our life. For someone that is always living in his/her comfort
zone, facing unpredictable situations might be the most disastrous event that
can ever occur. As a university student, you might only spend most of your time
with books, and assignments. But when was the last time you make something that
is out of the box?  By joining any
survival skills class, you might end up experiencing something fantastic in
your life. Step out of your normal routine and spend some time learning life
saving survival skills.

Last but not least why a survival skill is
important because due to our unstable of world economy. This might sounds weird
to any university students but let’s just face it that we are living in an increasingly
unstable world economy. Countries are going bankrupt, terrorism is at an
all-time high and you can cut the political tension with a knife. We can’t deny
that something unhealthy is brewing.  It is
not a bad idea or learning survivals skills. Just in case if the World War
Three would occur, then we know how to survive and escape the hardships that
could come across our life.

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In the end, survival skills are really
important in order to sustain our life. After all, ones might depend on you.  It
may be your husband, your children, your parents, your friends or your
siblings.  You might be someone’s super hero. Better to start now than it’s
too late. You might save someone else’s life even with only your basic survival
skills. Knowledge does not require any power source; it came from your experience.
So do good and save some life! Thank you.



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