Everyone has heard the saying “Home is where the heart is. ” According to this saying, we were homeless, for our furniture, television, clothing, and personal belongings all occupied our old, decrepit house and we hated living there. The old house was expensive, filthy, dangerous, and small, but our hearts rest easier now that we have moved into a large, new home. To begin, it was expensive to rent our old house, for everyone knows that renting a house is like throwing away money. For instance, we were paying the landlord eight hundred dollars in rent each month, which he then used to pay off his mortgage and even make a monthly profit.

Then, after shelling out around 10,000 dollars a year, we had invested in nothing, the lease was up, and it was time to start looking for the next black hole we could throw our money into. Also, the house was so old and grimy; it was like living in a decaying tree. For example, the basement’s foundation was never properly sealed and smelled like a rotten basement, kind of musty and moldy with a little earth tied in. We had to keep the washer and dryer on pallets to save them from the monsoon that came with even the slightest sprinkle outside.

Our closets were filled with boxes of seasonal decorations, old clothes, and all the junk people should throw away but never do; usually, these things go into the basement, but because of the moisture down there, we were afraid they would come back up molded and mildewed. Worst of all, the house was extremely dangerous and it was really starting to fall apart. Over half the windows were painted shut, leaving about three escape routes in case of a fire, which we were prepared for at all times, and the floors creaked, giving us the feeling that it may give way to the rotten basement beneath any moment.

Additionally, the outlets in the kitchen and bathroom were by the sinks, and all the power cords in the kitchen had to be run behind the oven. I’m pretty sure that that was against safety code, and I’m not even sure how that house passed inspection. Living in those dangerous conditions was enough to have me sleeping with one eye open and the local fire department on speed dial. Most importantly, the house was extremely small, having only two bedrooms, which were shared with three kids, an extra small bathroom in which we could touch every wall from the center of the room, a ess than entertaining entertaining room, and a walk in, do a circle, and walk out kitchen.

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I think it was safe to say that the house was at full capacity and we were overdue for an upgrade. Unlike that old house, we now live in a beautiful new home. To illustrate, we no longer have to pay anyone else’s mortgage or feed their piggybanks. We finally got smart and bought a house of our own. Now we simply pay our own mortgage and build up equity instead of just throwing our money into the black hole. With an interest rate at 4 percent, not much of our hard earned, but easily spent, money goes into another’s pocket.

Moreover, there is nothing as relaxing and comforting as moving into a brand new house that has no one else’s debris or filth left in it. With a basement that is properly sealed from water and totally finished, I find myself free of the constant worry that my washer and dryer may go floating down the Nile River. Can you smell that? I don’t, no more rotten basement smell, only the sweet smell of new drywall and fresh paint. I can finally store all my random boxes of clothes and holiday decorations we hardly ever use in the basement where they belong and use the closets for their intended purpose.

However, for the first time in years, I can open my windows and smell the mouth-watering smell of safety and security for my family. I find myself sleeping through the night and leaving my phone by the door where it belongs. My new hardwood floors are sturdy and quiet, and don’t give off that about to fall to my death feeling. No more fear of splashing water into an outlet and causing the house to burst into flames. Last and best of all, we now have four bedrooms. All the kids have their own rooms even if they won’t sleep in them; at least, they have space to call their own.

Also, our new house has four bathrooms. For the first time ever, I have a bathroom to call my own. I can finally take a bath without having to remove all the rubber duckies and finger puppet wash cloths from the bathtub first. We’re no longer embarrassed to have friends and family over. Now that we have room for everyone to sit, we may even host a holiday dinner this year. Additionally, our new kitchen is huge with its double sided, extra deep sinks and a side by side refrigerator freezer. For the first time ever, I have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal.

Cooking is fun now that we have counter space for preparing food and an oven that I’m not afraid to turn on. Now I actually enjoy spending time in this kitchen. Nowadays, I can sit on my back porch and just relax. No more worrying about house fires and falling through floors. Finally, I am comforted by the luxuries of an updated home, and I know my kids will be safe. Now that we have purchased a home and know that we do not have to spend next summer searching for our next black hole, we have already started planning our first family vacation.


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