A professor named Sigmund Freud once believed that someone’s personality could be divided into three categories. They were known as; the Id, the Ego, and the Superego.  the Id shows when someone will do whatever they want no matter what the consequence could be, The Ego shows when someone is in between wanting something or needing something. The Superego shows what is right, and thinks about if what they are about to do is good or not before they do it. In The Lord of the Flies, William Golding, the author makes up characters that show and behave like the three different types of personality. In the book Jack is showed as the Id.          In the book Jack is showed to be more reckless then most of the boys. In the beginning of the book the boys vote for a chief to show who would give orders. Jack nominates himself to be chief but loses to Ralph. Jack gets mad that he’s not the leader of all the boys and that Ralph is. Jack is thirsty for power and later leads to anger to Ralphs power. Later on in the book, during chapter four Jack paints his face and begins to laugh like a physco. Jacks face paint is something that lets jack act crazy and do his own thing. When jack has this face paint on, he has the desire  to hunt. In chapter nine Jack leads the boy in a ritual and Simon accidentally stumbles in it and they kill him.This shows how savage the boys have become throughout the book. In chapter 12, Jack lights the island on fire so he can return to his hunt for Ralph. All the boys by this time in the book have their faces painted and have become very savage. Jack uses the boys savagery to help him kill Ralph. Jack has all the boys under control and Ralph doesn’t have anyone else anymore but he still sees Ralph as a threat the his control over the boys. Jack shows that he is the Id by having no regard for anyone but himself. But luckily the boys are rescued when a ship passes by and sees the island on fire. Jack shows that people have the tendency to become evil when they are unattached from society and have no rules to follow. Jack just goes to show how William Golding viewed the ways of humanity, He believed that people are evil when they are free and don’t have to listen to anyone or follow any rules.          In the Lord of the Flies jack represents the Id by his craving for power shown by his anger and bitterness towards Ralph. His face paint helps him follow his desires without remorse. Like when Jack lit the island on fire on the fact that he could get to Ralph faster. Jack never thinks about the bad things that could come from doing that. Such as the animals dying or the fruits burning so they wouldn’t have anymore food sources. Without food the boys would die but he never stopped to think about that, he just did without thinking. Jack makes a horrible decision, he doesn’t keep the fire running and instead let it go out when he leaves it to go and hunt. When the fire went out and he went to hunt a ship passed by the island. But the ship had no idea anyone was on the island because there was no signal fire to tell the ship that people needed to be rescued on the island. With Jack being the id he made a decision of his own that he didn’t stop to think about how it would affect everyone else on the island. Jack very well plays the Id in the book, he makes decisions that affect everyone around him but doesn’t pay attention to the effects of the decisions that he makes instead he has one goal, and that’s to become the leader of the island and kill Ralph. Jack went by a chant near the end of the book it was “kill the pig, Cut her throat, Bash her in” This was very violent and showed how unattached from society he was because to him this chant was meant as a source of pleasure or joy. It’s bad to have the want to go out and kill things, but its entirely worse to actually go out and do it. Soon after Jack’s first killing, He goes and kills a mother pig. He said “her belly was fringed with a row of piglets that slept ot borrowed and squeaked”. Jack went on top of the pig and kept stabbing at it with his knife, when he looked down he saw the throat of the pig and how all the warm blood went all over his hands. Jack went from not being able to kill a pig at all, to having a chant about killing a pig and being able to be on top of the pig stabbing at it. This shows how uncivilized the island as a whole has become. Such as, after Jack’s first pig kill he goes and cooks it and gives meat to everyone except Piggy. He doesn’t give any meat to piggy just because of the fact that he does not like Piggy. The book did a great job showing  how he only cares about what he wants and has no regard for anyone else because Piggy was just as hungry as everyone else on the island. And the only reason Piggy doesnt get any meat is because of Jack not liking him. Jack never stood back and thought what if I was Piggy and he was me, then how would I feel if i got no meat and saw that everyone else did. But thats Jack acting in his id way. He doesn’t pay attention to the good in doing something or the bad in doing something he just does it with no


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