“Hey mom can you help me find an entity to do for my project citizen? ” I asked my mom. I wasn’t very happy about it. Oh well, I guess it just has to be done. “Sure” she answered, “I will find something. ” The next day my mom called one of my relatives. She was calling one of my older cousins. I didn’t hear too much of their conversation. All I cold hear was my mom talking. “Do you have something for Develle to do,” she stood there for a couple of seconds. Soon she said, “It is for his school project, he has to do a good deed. ” “Ok I will let him know,” she said. After that the conversation ended.

My mom hung up the phone and walked out of the kitchen. The next day my mom told me that I was going to be helping out my cousin. Since I wasn’t very sure what my cousin did, I was completely unsure what to expect. I was actually looking forward to it. All I really knew was that she worked with more than one person. After school that day my mom picked me up. Then we went to my cousin’s client’s house. The main thing I really said was hello, how are you. ” “Good they answered how are you,” “Good,” I replied. After we all got acquainted we went into their living room.

It was very simple not to big not to small. It had two couches and a couple of tables. We put up the Christmas tree. The tree did not take much assembly. After that we hung a couple of decorations. We made the tree look really good. In the end we all said, “Thank you. ” After we left we went to the front of the house to see the tree. It was so amazing. Soon we left the house and went home. I felt very good inside. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling. It kind of felt like my parents was simultaneously giving me a hug. It felt so good. It made me want to do more. Hopefully I will get the chance.


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