A DACA that was created for Dreamers. Today,

A immigrant is defined as a person coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Immigrants were brought to a foreign country by their parents, some even as toddlers. Some immigrants only know English as a language. Immigrants don’t even know they are undocumented until they apply for a driver’s license, college and a job. Immigrants come to the United States for better opportunities like economic opportunities, that creates a better living for their family. Immigration today is one of the most talked about topic. Today, immigrants play a huge role in the United States, adding trillions of dollars to United States production.

Immigrants bring a positive aspect to United States economy and society. According to CAP Immigration team and Michael Nicholson, The facts  on Immigration Today explains, that researchers such as Ethan Lewis, Madeleine Sumption, and Will Somerville notices that Immigrants have different work ethics which causes them to be proactive on a daily basis sometimes including holidays and weekends. Immigrants never try to compete with Americans but they also try and complement. In 2012, former President Obama formed a program called DACA that was created for Dreamers. Today,  immigrants are defined as Dreamers. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals the purpose behind this is to protect immigrants for deportation. Not only does DACA protect immigrants from deportation but gives immigrants a working permit.

This program also allows Dreamers to eventually get a driver’s license, a better living and even being able to apply to college. DACA is good up to two years and must be renewed, to protect immigrants from deportation. Today, Dreamers are what makes up the United States, immigrants are Americans at heart. DACA today defines immigrants, for example, the success rate for students that are apart of DACA is high, it describes some of the smartest boys and girls.


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