A a customer’s business need. It is beneficial

corporate Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should be able to present and evaluate
multiple strategic option. To make sure the financial implications are fairly
evaluated. They are uniquely positioned to make sure the tough decisions in
difficult times.

role as CFO is to correct actionable data, have speed and efficiency,
understanding the internet, intellect predicting, and security risk management.
A top priority should ensure that data is collected and accurate. So that the
can tell the difference between the market and their own company. Also to
protect their reputation and deliver high quality financial reports. The data
has to be reliable and consistent. The need for speed and efficiency is
important because CFOs need to access data on-demand to make critical business
decisions. To meet these demands companies will use technology as an easy to
use and its ability save valuable data. CFOs utilize this tool to collaborate
securely, be more productive and get the information needed on any electronic
device. The internet is a critical component for securely supplying data. It
serves as a way to power the backend infrastructure and a customer’s business
need.  It is beneficial in improvement of
accuracy and accessibility of financial reporting information. The ability to
predict intellect, as a result a CFO and their team can free themselves of
manual data to focus on analyzing the insights the data has provided. The
ability to anticipate business needs, staying ahead of costly incidents like
the up keeping of a business. It is important to understand the tools used for
doing the job. Lastly, CFOs have to worry about risk management, risk can occur
from increasing the availability of data for financial reporting. They must be
able to juggle the positive and negative effects of technology. Cybercrime and
data breaches are becoming more relevant and can have a significant consequence
on the financial reporting.

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            Therefore, a CFO must bring
financial insights and option to the strategy table to help management identify
possible business opportunities.