a)      Functional requirements (using MoSCoW) MoSCoWMoscow is a technique which is used to simplify and break downinformation, the letters stand for:M- Must haveS-  Should have C-  Could haveW-  WouldMustThe system being constructed must have a list of different house typesembedded with it this must include, Apartments, Flats, Semi-detached houses andDetached houses as well as a price list, the facilities within the propertiessuch as the amount of rooms the properties have and a list of properties indifferent areas. Properties price ranges and values must be available for thecustomers to choose from and a moving checklist must be included and floor planof the properties.ShouldThe system should have some brief information on the area describingwhat the area is like and the facilities that area within the area, a bookingsystem should be included and the customers should be able to view images ofthe property and there should be an area stat which includes the average pricespaid for properties in the area, the current average values, the value change andthe amount of properties sold in the area. It should also allow them to specify certain options,which would further filter the results.

Which would consist of·        Garden·        Garage·        Parking·        Freehold/Leasehold·        Auction/Non-Auction·        New Build Only·        RetirementThe customers should be able to book from anywhere, and there should onlybe one site so that they won’t get referred to another site.Could·        Real time booking and a booking calendar ·        Booking cancellations and refunds·        a customer could request a transfer ·        An upfront paying method Would/Won’t·        Area search ·        Information about the area·        Room types·        House facilities·        Areafacilities