Definition of key terms

The definition of the medical waste is differ into
worldwide and organizations as well, based on different sorts of waste (Akter,
Rahman, and Sharmin, 2005).  Medical
waste also has traditionally been defined as waste production from healthcare
centers and related actions that reduces the hazardous of infection according
to health policies. Northern
Ireland, 2003, “Any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental,
veterinary, pharmaceutical or
similar practice, investigation, treatment, care, teaching or research, or the
collection of blood for transfusion, being waste which may cause infection to
any person coming into contact with it” (Elgitait, Sarshar and Gee, 2009). The
term “medical waste” covers all wastes produced in health-care or diagnostic


general medical waste generated from the diagnostic, healing veterinary and
human medicine, and highly medical waste which is defined “any solid or liquid
waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human
beings or animals, in research pertaining there to, or in production or testing
of biological” (BAN, 1999). According to World Bank, 2000, “healthcare waste is
defined the entire waste stream form healthcare facilities, laboratories, emergency
relief donations.


official definition by EPA is “any kind of waste of a solid, liquids, or
gaseous or semisolid its quantity, concentration, physical or chemical
characteristic may  (1) cause or
significantly contribute to an increase in mortally or an increase in serious
irreversible or incapacitating reversible illness; or (2) pose a substantial
present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly
treated, stored, transported or disposed of, or otherwise managed”(Vesilined,
Worrell and Reinhart, 2008).

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to World Health Organization (WHO), 2013, “the term of medical waste with all a
kinds of waste with is generated within research centers, laboratories related
to medical process, In addition, it includes the equal types waste initiate
from minor and scattered sources, including waste produced in the course of
health care undertaken in the home (e.g. home dialysis, self-administration of
insulin, recuperate care).”


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