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                                            Writing 10  I am writing in answer to your advertisement for at Java Specialist at well-known IT corporation. Being very talented Java expert I have a desire for to apply for this post, and to take great superiority of provision to this role.At this time I work as a Java expert with IT Company Ltd. I joined this corporation 2 years ago. I am an experienced problem solver, and I work on my own and in squads. I have an eye for specifics and consequently, I am accomplished of dealing with the most fragileconditions of problem-solving, as I am able to find feeble contacts or problems in the short period of time. I am able to place in order, and I fast answer to coworkers and customers questions even if I am included in numerous missions within the company. As requested I am intense to take following skills and facts to FAMOUS IT Company if  being particular for this post; ~Practice in Java procedures, as an effect of 5-year capability in the industry on several developments.

~ Information on Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies and UML expanded quite a lot of progressions and on the job training within IT COMPANY Ltd.~ Skills of Agile Development Methodologies,~ Great speaking and writing skills Additionally, to above skills, I would like to bring to your consideration that I am professional at writing and database optimization. Moreover, I am familiar with some programing languages also, for instance, C#, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, ANDROID. Even though I do not operate all of them in performing my specialized obligations I am trying to expand my abilities on these mostly at home through participation in volunteer projects in one donation association.  Please observe more on my experiences by reading an enclosed resume. Thank you very much in advance for your thought.

If you have any more requests concerning my candidateship, please contact me via telephone or e-mail. 


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