For the dimension “platform for change”, the company needs to provide
segments of systemic flexibility. In ChildrenSalon the speed of developing and launching
the new season offers is one of the segment. ChildrenSalon is also a money back
guaranteed company, the website makes it easy for customers to return an item if
it do not fit or it is in a bad condition. In addition, ChildrenSalon has a
delivery and orders flexibility as it is simple to alter the dates and the
quantities of orders online.

            As stated in the beginning the
company collaborate with leading brands such Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Paul Smith
and instinctively create high barriers to entry for ordinary or less known
brands. In other words, it is hard for new competitors to compete with
ChildrenSalon as the company has established a strong distribution network,
which preserve the company internationally. This corresponds to the strategic
value of competitive advantage. 


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