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Today, the application of
value stream mapping has been widely used in automotive industries. Due to the
its ability to scrutinize business processes by transforming a product from raw
materials into finished goods, represented on a map that includes every process
that is involved in the material and information flows 1. In spite of that,
there are still several opportunities for improvements in the relevant
industries such as the automotive industries. 
As an example of one of the best recommended Lean tools to improve takt
time, the Morning Star Industries located in India executed a future state map
to manifest the implementation action plan in consideration of takt time.



purpose of this research proposal is to decide if the implementation of VSM
technique has been successful enough to identify and eliminate the necessary redundant
processes in the industry, with the use of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
technique. It also highlights the feasible options that will promote a
significant impact to the overall production system of the business.



following procedures will be executed to fulfil the proposed study.

§  Outline the four essential
strategies and steps given by Rother and Shook 2

§  Gather and analyse the
results of the initial state VSM

§  Perform a gap analysis to
identify the gaps found in the initial state

§  Propose the necessary
changes and conduct the revised state (also known as future state VSM)

§  Revise and analyse the
results of the future state VSM

§  Compare results of the
Initial state VSM against Future state VSM



findings of the comparisons in the respective states, along with the following
data has been concluded.

§  Research data on
percentage reduction in the variables after the implementation of the future
state VSM

§  Elimination of redundant
processes which reduces the takt time of the business

§  Feasible Opportunities
reviewed with the utilization of the VSM technique