8 Golden Rules          

The 8 Golden Rules have been created
to keep well designed user interactions with technologies. The main goal is to
make the technology easy to navigate and use successfully. Below are the 8
golden rules and how the website meets or fails expectations.

Strive for consistency

            There is
very little consistency found within the website. Virtually all elements are
different. There are many colors that are bright and take attention away from
other sections. There is clearly no theme that has been followed because each
element is different. Successful websites employ templates that have a clear
and organized direction. All the pictures are different sizes. For example,
there are several that are placed upside down. Finally, there is an
inconsistent mix of titles, pictures, and text.

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universal usability

this website, users with basic or advanced knowledge should be able to navigate
without issue. There should be at the least a FAQ section for basic users who
need more guidance. Links to other information should be easily identifiable so
that they are easy to locate. There is one identifiable universal feature found
on the website. There are links to navigate to other pages that are found
throughout. Beyond this there are no explanations for what or where things are.
There is no clear direction which is confusing for all user levels. A lot of
time is spent trying to find desired information.

informative feedback

navigation through the website there should be some feedback so that users know
that desired operations are successful. The most prominent inconsistent part of
the feedback is when selecting a link that then goes to another page. So once
selected or clicked on the color of the text selected should change in color.
This change in color is to leave a marker behind for the user so that they know
that they have already explored a certain link.

dialogs to yield closure

components of the website should be in an organized and easy to run down order.
If there is a process, there should then be a beginning, middle, and end. In
this case, there is no sequence. There is one main page that contains all
links. There is no title bar or category list so users can see all the content
that is offered. Again, there is too much information located on the main page
with no fluency.


are critical mistakes that users can make within a website. Typically, errors
involve information that is manually inputted. Unless the coding allows for all
characters, some inputs are typed incorrectly which will return wrong results.
Within this website there are not any places for manual direct manipulation of
information. The minimized user input saves many errors from occurring. The
only errors are because of poor design and execution which leads to a lot of
confusion and frustration.

Permit easy
reversal of actions

            At first
glance it is easy to back out of linked pages and go back to the main page.
However, the more you select links and look deeper into information it becomes
harder to reverse actions. There is no title bar so easy navigation is
impossible. The only way to reverse actions is to keep selecting back in the
internet window.

Keep users
in control

            Users must
feel in control while using a website. With worlds worst, most users are in
complete control. All videos are easily controlled as they are embedded in the
linked pages. While navigating it is hard to see that you are in control
because there is too much going on at once. There is a floating box in the
background that is very distracting. An option to pause the box should be made

short-term memory load

This website does not reduce
short-term memory load, it increases it by far. Since there is no organization
or title bar, there is no way to remember where things are located or how to
navigate to them. It is because of this user are forced to write down where
they have gone and read. There is too much information on the pages and that
becomes overwhelming. It takes more effort to separate all this information so
that what is desired can be viewed. (Shneiderman,
pg. 1)


Consistency is what can make or break
a website. When designing a website templates should be designed so that a
theme is present. This theme would apply to the background, font, and all
colors present. Continuing with a theme, the content should also follow one. A
website should have a clear purpose so that information can be displayed in an
appropriate manner. If there is not consistency, users will quickly move onto
another that is easier to use.

Unfortunately, worlds-worst-website
does not have any features that are consistent. The background contains many
pictures that are set to repeat across the entirety of the home page. The font
headings are also all different sizes and texts. As far as links there are a
variety of ways in which they are displayed in tables. There are some that just
contain text with unformatted shapes and colors. Most links have pictures
attached to them and the box formatting’s are all different. There are several
pictures that do not match up with the text that is below the picture, which is
misleading. Finally, there are links that are not clearly marked as such, they
look like pictures. It is because of these confusing features, it is very hard
to navigate to the desired information.

Cognitive Walkthrough

The cognitive walkthrough is a formalized way of
imagining people’s thoughts and actions when they use an interface for the
first time. Walkthroughs identify problems that new users will have when they
first use an interface. You select one of the tasks that the design is intended
to support and then you step through the task, action by action, seeing if you
can identify any problems with the interface. (Travis, pg. 1) This is the best
way to test a website and see what can be fixed.

This walkthrough was very hard to conduct because there
is no clear direction, so the sequence of actions is unique to each individual
user. After inputting the URL the user is taken to the main page. The first
thing seen is the moving mint green dialog box. After searching there is no way
to pause or stop the moving element. There is no title bar or navigation tool
anywhere on the page. All available titles and links are different sizes,
colors, and are placed different within each table. Bright colors are the first
to catch the eye, in this case it’s the ” Worst Toad”. There is only a graphic
and link to another page. After selecting, the user is taken to another page
that includes various information about the toad. Once the bottom of the text
is reached there is a large and easy to read “Next” button. Without realizing
that there is text under the button because it blends in to the page, it seems
like one is forced to click the button. Another random page is pulled up.
Intending to get back to the main page the user scrolls back to the top and
selects “Home”. A Featured Items page appears instead of the intended main
page. There are more organized tables with graphics and just plain text. Again,
whatever is eye catching will pull the user in first. In this case, it is a
swirl bright graphic. Assuming that when clicking on it, another page will
open. The “Subliminal Suggester” game begins as soon as the page opens. These fast-moving
graphics are distracting and force the user to scroll down to select stop. Now
trying to get back to the main page, the back button within the browser is
selected. After pressing the back button four times, the user is brought to the
original main page as desired. Now that the contents and directions have been
seen to be disorganized, users will exit completely or look for contact
information or any help page. While scrolling down to the bottom of the page,
there is only a “thank you for looking” graphic.

Final Thoughts

            All in
all, this website does not follow the 8 Golden Rules. There is a lot of
information that is not organized at all. This makes it virtually impossible to
successfully navigate. None of the links are formatted correctly and uniform so
that they can be picked out easily. There is no positive user interaction as it
is all just chaos. None of the pages link the way they should. The colors are
all over the place and distract and hurt the eye. In totality, the website is
hard to use and does not offer anything. A title bar, category list, or
navigation tools will alleviate much of the confusion when it comes to moving
throughout the website. This website will not attract nor keep any user traffic
because of all its flaws. With a correctly setup and format template, all pages
could be organized and flow well.


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