TABLEOF CONTENT                             Ø  Howentrepreneurs contribute to the economic development of a country and is thisconsidered entrepreneurs as an agent of change.

Explain your answers in detailswith right examples.  Entrepreneurs contributes and has a highstraight impact towards the nation’s economy or the global economy or theinternational economy based on what kind of the entrepreneurship is practicing orwho is the entrepreneur that is running the entrepreneurship and how big is hisinfluence towards the country market and economy. Economies such as China orIndia keen on having liberalisation, industrialised economies. In these sucheconomies will open a wide gate with a high chances and opportunities for entrepreneurshipand entrepreneurs to contribute and play a major role on developing in thesecountries, these economies will allow the entrepreneurs to establish the mainfloor of the economy giving the chance for other entrepreneurs to compete andcome up with many advantages that eventually will benefit the economy andcountry.

Such as:v  Innovation: individuals prefers tochoose entrepreneurship for the market slot available and the capability of theentrepreneurs to benefit from this slot to make profit. And the reason for themto choose this slot and direction is because they were unable for them to findan employment with a suitable income, and this step will allow theseindividuals to use their creativity that will eventually will lead to aninnovative ideas.v  Job creation: as stated in the previouspoint that the individuals prefer to become entrepreneurs because they wereunable to find a suitable employment. As a result of this action they take thatmarket slot available to generate an income for themselves but the outcome ofthis will provide an opportunity of hiring more people to operate their businessenterprise.v  Increased competition: this point is clear benefitto the economy when the entrepreneurs level keeps on increasing to lead