Electronic or E-commerce is the process of
buying and the selling of goods and services or the transmitting of money or
data over an electronic network which is the internet. The transactions that
take place can be ether business to business or business to consumer, this term
is often used for online transactional shopping. For a business like 50Gram it
is very convenient because they rely mostly on customized to deliver products
more over their business model  and
marketing plan is mostly based online they have been collaborating with many
online delivery companies such as lazada and Alia Express. They have signed
deals with fashion brands and advertisement agencies because they advertise and
deal online. Web technology has grown massively in recent years and for companies
like 50Gram Internet marketing means marketing of the products or
services online. It refers to the strategies and techniques that are used for
marketing of the products and services online. Internet marketing strategies
includes web-designing, E-mail marketing, online promotions, blogs. Internet
marketing helps in attracting customers as more and more people use internet
now- a- days. Internet is the widest channel of communication available for all
kind of businesses therefore internet marketing allow to attract customers
rapidly. E-commerce or electronic
commerce means buying or selling of products or services through electronic
means such as internet, mobiles, telephones ,fax machines, ATMs. E-commerce
means paperless exchange of business information. E-commerce uses strategies
such as public, relations, referrals, banner ads. Online shopping, online
banking, teleconferencing, electronic tickets, instant messaging are some of
the common business application related to e-commerce.

50 Gram is a local florist company
in Malaysia that merges the art of flower arranging to the digital era. This is
done by combining designer bouquet with video production the video is viewed by
the receiver of the bouquet. 50Gram is the first florist company to come up
with this idea.

50Gram only trades in custom made
products and no walk in purchases, customers can order specifically customaries
bouquets for weddings, birthdays, graduations or merchandise for valentine’s
day. Customers can order ether by going themselves to one of two 50gram outlets
or do it online (which is what to be discussed in this part of the assignment)
through the 50Gram website. The website https://50gram.com.my/blog/# is designed to
operate in   in simple user friendly
manner, a client logs on to website and has to create an account if they are a
first time use the website however if not,

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They can simply log in and click on
shop or valentine and they can view all the available products which range from
many types of bouquets   and flowers, in
order to purchase a bouquet for example the client has requested for ‘The All
Year Long Bouquet- Gwenn’ they have to select the specific size and choose whether
they need the video option as mentioned above and choose the delivery date then
click on the add to cart icon and once done, proceed to check out.

Last but not least they have to fill
in details of their address and billing information and select the delivery
option and payment method and click Place Order and that’s how 50gram does its
online transactions with its customers. For now 50Gram only has two delivery
locations the Klang Valley and Penang. 50Gram also has been collaborating with many
partners such online shopping website lazada.


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