As known Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) mainrole is to provide comprehensive range of communication services and solutionsin broadband, data and fixed-line, radio and television broadcasting services.Nowadays telecommunications sector, is movingup towards adopting data visualization and analytics.

That help to streamlineits operations and improve its future business strategies to maximize profitsand minimize costs. Clearly,in Telekom Malaysia TM industry sector, the core activities of which primarilyrevolve around the communication or transfer of digital data from one point toanother, with access to data that travels through their networks every second, theyneed better ways to deliver phone, Internet and TV provisions.Myadvice for TM as Software measures consultant is to adopt Vigalite software whichplays a key role to perform and ease data visualization and analytics and that wouldperfectly fit TM  company to emphasis ondelivering an enhanced customer experience via continuous customer servicequality improvements and innovations, whilst focusing on increased operationalefficiency and productivityVigaliteis high level Grammar of Interactive Graphics, What makes it different fromother tools are the enhanced analytics and visual functions including ·        process real time data, visualizes in 3D andinteractive graphs ·        Create newvisual-analysis systems and enable rapid visualization in data scienceenvironments·        facilitate exploratory data analysis with anexpressive yet concise language to specify interactions multi viewgraphics  ·        Exploring data: facilitate rapid exploration withconcise specification by omitting low level details WhyVigalite best suit for Telecom Malaysia TM ·        increaseTM operational efficiency and productivity including Global and Wholesale Business and Consumer  ·        OptimizingNetwork Capacity with Integrating and analyzing avariety of data such as subscriber, network, and location data, TelekomMalaysia can gain new insights that improve its current network capacityplanning. That would allow TM to optimize their network capacity and predict utilizationmore accurately.

·        OptimizeService Operations by integrating, analyzing andvisualizing disparate data sources such as customer contracts, call centerrecords, and agent behavior, data analytics capabilities identify avoidabletruck rolls, lower overall service costs and improve customer service.