5 Years from Now

I want to get settled and have a family of my own. Some people now days are thinking im going to depend on my mom my whole life. But I’m Not. i dont plan to do that. I cant see myself in five years but im trying the best i can to pass high school and find a job even if i have to start in a resturaunt ill be satisfied till i can find something a little better. Even if i cant see my self in five years i know i will be graduated from high school and i want to be a hairstylist. To be an hairstylist i will have to graduate from high school.

In many cases you will be required to have a high school diploma before entering a hair design school or school of cosmetology. I will have to enroll in a beauty or hair design school. Apprentice with an established hairstylist after completing beauty school. Many schools offer on-the-job training programs and you might be able to stay on at the salon where you worked while in this program. I can Decide if you want to work in an established beauty salon or if you want to open your own.

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You can also work on your own, perhaps going directly to your customers’ homes to style their hair. but i rather just get established in a beauty salon and Get licensed by your state as a hairstylist if required. You must pass a written and practical examination. Until i graduate i will Keep up with new hairstyles. One area that is extremely important for hair stylists is to develop excellent communication skills and to be able to get along with all types of personalities.

You will need to be able to listen and discern the wishes for each client regarding the type of hair cut and style. In addition to being creative and able to work with your hands, and get along with others, there are numerous other skills that are needed to be a successful hairstylist. Hair styling is part of the field of cosmetology, and aspiring stylists must earn a cosmetology license. Then attend the school. After that, start looking for opening jobs. Once i have passed all the requirements, it is time to find a job.

For those that are already undergoing an apprenticeship, you may be able to get a job at that particular salon. Otherwise, you can begin sending out your resume or having someone from your school instuctors to write you a recommendation. As soon as i find my job i will see how it goes and maybe get my own place and pay for my own bills and just take care of my own responsibilitys. I might be lazy, but if i wanna do something i really want to do i will do it and try to accomplish it.