sabsence through death or abandonment

A father’sabsence through death or abandonment has many severe effects in a teenage girl’slife. According to Merriam Webster (2018), absence is defined as “not being present at a usual orexpected place”. This view is supported by McLanahan, Tach and Schneider(2013), when they propose that a father’s absence has a negative connotationattached to it.The impactof a father’s absence in an adolescent girl’s life can be negative when theadolescent is forced to engage with the opposite sex, or is put in a situationwhere a possible romantic relationship could occur.

According to Melissa Horne(nd: 1), adolescent girls with no fathers have a higher chance of being engagedin a rather chancier relationship with the opposite sex than a romanticrelationship. This is due to their inability to correct their perceptions ofthe opposite sex, because of their lack of a father figure giving them thefreedom to mentally decide on what a father or older male figure should be.This freedom is dangerous, because more often than not, adolescent girl’sperceptions of the opposite sex are far off from reality, and this can damagefuture relationships between sexes.On theother hand, adolescent girls whose fathers have passed away also experiencenegative outcomes to their loss. More often than not, these adolescents tend toperform poorly in school (Berg, Rostila, Saarela and Hjern, 2014: par4), andhave a higher possibility of not completing school or making an attempt atfurthering their studies (McLanahan, 1999: 118).Thisliterature review highlights the various aspects that may be impacted negativelyby the loss of a father through death or abandonment, however the remainingparent or guardian in the specific adolescent’s life usually plays a positiverole in their life; the adolescent is always the deciding factor as to whetherthey will accept the negative consequences in their life, or choose to steertheir life in a better direction despite their loss.


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