Topic : should students have the right to leave school in year 10
Crime,Graffiti ,Assaults On
Elderly , who do you think is involved in this activity and why
Goodmorning Mrs Esad and my fellow class mates, In my speech I will be addressing the reasons and impacts on why students shouldn??™t have the right to leave school in year 10.

Youths between the ages of 14-16 should be in school and abiding by school rules, following the lifestyle of a normal school student on a daily basis, but instead with recent media coverage as seen on news and the today tonight program. These youths are involved in criminal activity such as assaults, robbery ,vandalism and bad conduct due to the bad lifestyle routines . My four reason reasons to support to my argument are as follows:
Firstly : To be in school and to be educated is vital for a childs upbringing, to gain knowledge and education will better the lifestyle and well being of these children and their sustainability. This is supported by statistics on the ABS Website. Evidence shows that those who remain in school and complete year 12 are more likely than those who leave school earlier to be employed full-time and to earn higher wages as stated on the website.

Secondly: Many youths are wasting their time hanging around Mcdonalds carparks and Bus stops throughout a school week on late nights causing major nuisance to the neighbourhood by their bad behaviour and conduct. Instead they need to be home with a time curfue and relatively at this time should be in bed. This can also be supported by the program on Channel 7 Today Tonight on Monday night episode I don??™t know how many of you watched it, but it gave a clear indication of how these youths are acting in public places.
Thirdly : Many Youths are getting support from the government such as Centrelink Payments especially for those who are not in school, because these youths do not go school or have jobs they are targeting elderly people and assaulting them to steal money from them, as their payment is not enough and have no jobs to support them. This should not be the case, of assaulting elderly, using them as a easy target. This is also supported by the news headline on Tuesday night where an elderly women got bashed and robbed by these youths who do not go to school. This kind of act is happening way to much from these youths who do not go to school or work.
Last but not least, responsibility is very vital for any person, especially for youths, attending school is a learning place to gain this responsibility of life and its teachings. It is very important to have a challenge in life to help you succeed even if you don??™t do well in maths or science. School creates an atmosphere for youths of vibrancy and enthusiasm.
We this generation need to use past generation as examples to better ourselves and excel in all aspects of life. School is a place of importance for every student despite what age group from primary to high school.
Thank you for listening to my speech .


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