English 1302 Paper 1: Poetry Comparison/Contrast (worth 15% of final course grade) Thesis workshop: F 2/10 Conferences: Week of 2/13-2/15 Final copy of Paper 1 due*: F 2/17 *in a folder with your conference draft Length: Minimum 2 1/2 pages Format: MLA (12 point font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced, appropriate heading and works cited page) About the Assignment For this assignment, you will write a paper that compares or contrasts (or compares and contrasts) two of the poems we have read. For example, you might discuss similarities/differences in the poems??™ messages about an issue/topic or you might discuss how similarly/differently the two authors approach setting, tone, word choice. Below is a list of prompts that you may choose from; review these, your journals, and our class discussions to find the topic you are most interested in. Please note: You do not have to address all of the ideas mentioned in a prompt! Instead, use these to help you find your focus. And, if a topic you are interested in is not on the list below, you may still pursue it, but I would like to meet with you briefly so that I may address any questions you have. Requirements Your paper should have: a well-developed introduction with a clear, specific thesis (topic + comment); several body paragraphs in which you provide evidence and explanations that support your thesis; direct quotes from the poems as evidence, when possible; proper in-text documentation of the quotes; clear organization and transitions (see the end of these instructions) a ???satisfying??? conclusion; a works cited page, with the documentation information for both poems. Resources For general advice regarding writing about literature, you should check out the following sections in your Literature: Craft & Voice (V2) text:

Guide to Writing from Reading (pp. 50-55) Sample Student Paper (pp. 56-63) A Handbook for Writing from Reading (pp. H28-H46) Sample Student Paper (pp. H51-H54) Reading for Words (pp. 96-97); Reading for Voice (pp. 142-143) Reading for Images and Symbols (pp. 174-175); Reading for Figures of Speech (pp. 208-209) For help with MLA documentation and the works cited page, see http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/. Or, see pp. H104-H105, H109 in Literature: Craft & Voice. Finally, remember that you have other resources available: Your dear ol??™ instructor and the friendly tutors at the Writing Assistance Center and the online resource, Smarthinking.

Prompts Choose one:

1. Choose two of the poems we have read, and compare/contrast the relationships the speakers have with their family members. 2. Compare/contrast the significance of words/language/communication in ???Woman??™s Work??? and ???Nani.??? 3. Compare/contrast two poets??™ use of metaphor. What does the figurative language emphasize in the poems 4. Compare/contrast the speakers??™ outlook on grief or death in ???What the Living Do??? and ???Funeral Blues.??? 5. Compare/contrast the life philosophies/outlook of the speakers in ???Song of Myself??? and ???Golden Retrievals.??? 6. Choose two poems you can relate to in some way. In your paper, compare/contrast how/why you relate to these poems. How do the poetic elements (speaker, tone, word choice, images, etc.) help create this connection NOTE: For this prompt, you may need to discuss your own experiences that seem to ???tie??? into the poem.

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7. Choose one of the poems we read and a song that you believe connects to the poem in some way. Compare/contrast the two works??”for example, you might discuss similarities/differences in their messages about an issue/topic or you might look at similarities/differences in word choice.

Comparison/Contrast Organization Remember, there are two ways to organize a comparison/contrast essay: Subject-bySubject and Point-by-Point. Review the following examples: ???Poem X differs from poem Y in its tone and use of metaphor.??? Subject-by-Subject: Body Body Body Body Para. 1: Para. 2: Para. 3: Para. 4: Poem X and tone Poem X and use of metaphor Poem Y and tone Poem Y and use of metaphor

*In each paragraph, be sure to use topic sentences, specific examples from the poem and clear explanations. Also, use transitions (however, in addition, in the same way, likewise, on the other hand, etc.) to help your reader follow your ideas.

Point-by-Point: Body Para. 1: Poem X and tone Body Para. 2: Poem Y and tone Body Para. 3: Poem X and use of metaphor Body Para. 4: Poem Y and use of metaphor *See paragraph information above.


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