Trials of OZ

1.What does he say is the threat posed by OZ
Advocating an alternative society that challenges the beliefs and order of modern society.
2.What is the main language device he uses to influence the jury
Quoting from Oz and using their own words against them
3.How do you know that Roberston has a low opinion of OZ
He is constantly explaining that they had borrowed ideas from Americans implying that the writers were unoriginal
4.What is Judge Argyle??™s reputation
He is known to be very severe with his convictions
5.Why is he a judge
He is a judge as a result of not becoming the Tory MP
6. Why isn??™t the jury properly representative of society
Because there is not a mixture of social classes or age
7. What type of jury do they get and why is this a problem
They receive a group of older people who are from a ???hard-hat??? background and are the types of people who would Oz the most.
8. What is the significance of the reactions of both Judge Argyle and Detective Superintendent Luff to Felix Dennis saying ???Right on!???
It demonstrates the generational gap and the further distaste for Oz and Luff adds that it is not family appropriate
9. Roberston quotes from the transcript of Leary questioning Anderson. How according to Roberston does Leary manage to ???shock??? the jury
By dramatic climax, loud voice and profanity.
10. What element does Leary use against Topolski
11. Why does Leary struggle against De Bono
Because he struggles with the mathematics
12. What do you think is the effect of quoting the transcript of Leary and Schofield
It shows the frustration and slow movement of the trial
13. What word does Roberston use to describe what the trial had become
14. What is the effect of quoting George Melly??™s definition of cunnillngus
Showing the entertainment as Robertson describes it.
15. What does this exchange tell you about the judge
He is very serious and biased
16. Roberston quotes from the transcript when John Peel is questioned about his venereal disease. Why according to Peel did he make this public knowledge
That BBC asked him
17. Why do you think Leary raises it
The show Peel as had a problem involving sex
18. Robertson says the trial was ???collision of??¦.???
Cultural incomprehension

19. What does Robertson say about the actual work of the court reporters
They are a sad bunch of ???lunchtime o??™boozes??? who see themselves as press officers for the police.
20. What examples does Robertson give of the court rituals
Fancy dress each Monday, retainers brandishing swords to usher in the judge
21. What metaphor does Robertson use to suggest that the reality of the court was very different to it appearance
A bird that does not fly
22. Roberston paints an unflattering view of the legal system. Find a quotation.
???Many police were bent and so were some of the solicitors clerks???
23. The judge records proceeds by hand. What motif does Roberston continue here and why is this practice problematic
The theatre motif. It is a problem because the writings have mistakes and also slow the trial down.
24. Why is the judge so negative about Professor Dworkin What point is Roberson making
Because he is a professor of jurisprudence and feels intimidated by him. He is saying that the judge is arrogant and biased.
25. The judge turns his back on Marty Feldman. What conclusion does Roberston offer
That the judge??™s sentencing powers over the defendants are limited.
26. The judge has highly protected, stayed at the Savoy and 1200 house were spent investigating threats against him. Why does Roberston include these facts
To show that he is not liked and that he also believed he was dealing with dangerous criminals.
27. Robertson contrast Leary??™s view of the defendants with a remark that judge makes. Why
To show the judge is in the past and not up to date with society
28. What is frightening about count 1
It gives the judge unlimited sentencing power
29. Robertson quotes John Mortimer on oral sex What tone does Mortimer use
A sarcastic and humorous tone
30. What is Robertson??™s point about the use of major studies such as the ???U.S. presidential commission report???
To show the case is very extreme and unreasonable.
31. Why does Robertson quote the judge??™s definition of indecency
Because his sense of indecency is wrong
32. Robertson quotes John Mortimer??™s closing address. What motif does he use again
The theatre motif
33. What ???remarkable??? legal fact does Robertson remind you of
Defendant on trial for conspiracy to corrupt public morals carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.
34. Why do you think Richard Neville quotes from Bob Dylan
To try to gain sympathy from the jury.

35. What doesn??™t show up on the transcript
The judge??™s tone and body language
36. What does Robertson say about the judge??™s definition of obscene
He says the judge gave the wrong definition
37. Why does Robertson liken the judge??™s instructions to a ???man making a bowel movement??? What motif is being continued here
It??™s funny and continues the theatre motif
38. What very ???English??? thing happened in response to the forced crew cuts
An unspoken recognition that things had gone too far
39. What does this have to do with the legal system
That the legal system works
40. What do the experts say about the defendants, and what is the judge??™s response
The experts say that defendants are intelligent, polite and courteous. The judge makes up false laws.
41. The judge makes three points in support of his sentences. How does Robertson respond on the page
By contradicting everything he is saying through parenthesis
42. Why does Robertson quote Richard Neville??™s remarks about socks
To show he is afraid of prison
43. Why does Robertson suggest, did they win their bail application
Because he was swayed by his daughter
44. What is Lord Widgery??™s problem with the magazines What again are they up against
He believed that there had been serious errors which derailed the obscenity connection.
45. Lord Widgery was the Laurence Oliver of the impromptu judgment. Again what motif is this
The theatre motif
46. Why hadn??™t Lord Widgery provided the ???proviso??™ How legal does this sound
He bought porn to show comparisons to Oz and raided stores.
47. What is the crowning irony of the Oz trial
That it was a cover up
48. What values did Detective Inspector Luff apply Why is this a problem
He knows the pornographers and says they are good people. He is religious and says he is doing it for the children
49. Why does Robertson mention Felix??™s success as a businessman and in suing the Spectator
To show how he avoided prison and made something of him
50. What according to Robertson is the significance of the victory in the court of appeal
The definition of obscenity
51.What motif is returned to at the end
52. What point does Robertson make about the trial??™s theatricality
It is almost unbelievable

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