Application Section Answer: Motivation and SuitabilityI wish to do the course because and Im sure this is a cliche but true, it is a widely respected course in this area. I had voluntarily taught English during my summers back home and enjoyed it. I have often felt for and helped my friends who were learning English here and how confident they became as they progressed.

Years before a friend had shown me the TEFL course and I got the leaflet, but then procrastinated, comfortable in the fact that my accountancy could help me start and manage my own business anywhere in the world. Over time I repeatedly found myself searching for ELT courses and whenever I found myself having my one to one hourly English lessons with my friend who I was helping, asking myself questions I had no answers for. You could say I was slowly coming out of the closet since I am from a family of nurses and accountants and finally enrolled on a writing course that I had also coveted for years with the Writers Bureau. Years later, back home, my mom was finally able to open the school she had always dreamed of and I envisioned myself going and teaching during the holidays. I want to do the course because I would like to go home, for the holidays and help out at the school whilst I finish my course here.

I also would want to carry on using it here and helping others but now with the qualification.I believe I am suited for the course, because I have always had a love for the language. I am always finding new things to learn about it and wont stop until I understand. I am patient and understand the frustrations of coming to a new country and how much more independence you get when you can communicate.Practically I also have the time to do the course and know with absolute certainty the dedication I will give it because I have many friends and potential students back home who I want to help empower. Because communication is the stepping stone to virtually every opportunity and at the same time empower myself with the right tools.


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