EnglishAn essay is an argument or opinion.

An essay includes quotes,An essay is structured using paragraphsAn essay includes examples supporting your point of viewAn essay has 1 big point of view and several arguments explaining the big idea.What makes this a good essay ??? She structures her paragraphs very well ??? ???I??? is not used ??? Uses Examples and quotes ??? A new point is used in each idea ??? Reasons are given ??? Descriptive and emptive language is used ??? Relates story to people in every day life ??? Reinforces everything at the end ??? She uses topic sentence ??? Concluding sentence ??? Topic sentence, Explanation sentence, Concluding sentence ??? Quotes ??? Good vocabularyHow does the author influence us to make judgements in textsRefer to fried rich for response. ??? How does the writer get us to make judgement??™s on the story or influence u to take sides.??™??™How = TechniquesAuthor = Shaping our point of view on FredricJudgements = what is my prospective or thoughts on FredricInfluence =I think that it means he is asking us how does the author persuade or manipulate us to think what he has written.The author gets us to understand two points of viewProcess 1. Read the question and Underline key words 2.

Write in your own words your interpretation of the question 3. Start planning your argumentJudgements about Fredric ??? He should be treated the same as everyone else ??? We feel sad because it moves from happiness to sadness throughout the book ??? They don??™t understand why people hate them so much