In this essay, lalita Khosla who is a writer and filmmaker of Indian descent expressing how dealing with people of other cultures arise differences. Not necessarly in daily life, but she is indicating in business world too where lot of money is involved. Just with the impression one creates, deals can be made or break. Specifically, Lalita incident how the little gesture made by Heltzer from 3M??™s to Sumitomo Trading Co, built a trust and became a successful business joint venture. She also points how the rift between American and French engineers almost destroyed the project.
Since I am a student, I do not have much of a business experiences to share; however, I do like to share about my experiences with people in United States (U.S). I am a student from India who came to U.S for pursuing Undergraduate. Here, I meet many people of different backgrounds than us. More than studying, I believe, I am enjoying meeting people of other cultures. I am enjoying just meeting and spending time with people rather than travelling around to see skyscrapers or monuments.
As a student, I have a college experience to share with about a professor. The way we approach professors in my country and here are quite different. We never call professors with their names in my county. If someone does, it will be seen as disrespect. Whenever I meet professors here, I will get introduced with their names. Since I was never used to approach professors with names, still I call professor or Dr whenever I come across with them. I had a professor who kept on repeating his name often when I called him just professor. I didn??™t understand at first why he was repeating his name when I called him professor. After thinking for some time, Later, I assumed that he may have thought that I was forgetting his name due to which I was calling him professor.
Other occurrence which still surprises me in college is the way students sit in class here. At first I got shock of my life when I saw students around in class eating, and keeping their legs on table when professors are in class. I just kept on watching how the professor was going to react by seeing students in such conduct. To my surprise nothing happened till the end of class. The class continued till end, and every one left as normal. I was saying to myself again and again that, ???first its fine to call professors with names, and it??™s fine to throw legs around in class in the presence of professor! How??¦??¦..??? After, many years, I guess now I got used to it. Not even I eat and very few times keep legs around in class. Not because I have seen it as permissible, but I do eat when I feel hungry or keep legs around to stretch and relax for some time. However, I don??™t do this when I feel I am very near to professor.
Other experience I like to share is regarding people I meet outside college. I never understood why most people just greet around each other when it doesn??™t mean anything. Here, most people greet, speak, and by the end of the day it??™s casual and doesn??™t convey that they are or may want to be friends. This is one situation where I feel peculiar at the time of socializing. The next day if I see someone whom I spoke before, I will be in a situation where I am not sure of how to react. I feel that if I go and speak I may be interrupting, and if I don??™t speak I may come across being rude.


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