ROUTINE3.15 Do drinksIn the folderThickened fluid in the fridgeSustagenFour cups of itMilkHotwaterQuestions where is plastic cups3.30 55 BOWLS for Dessert from container in cooling room in blue and white bowl with plastic lidcollin-yoghurt (vanilla/mango) 3maxwell-yoghurt(vanilla/mango) 4fachua-yoghurt(vanilla/mango) 4Crosby-any yoghurt 2Nolan -any yoghurt 2Sevier – -any yoghurt ( scoop of choc sustagen) 2Salads and sandwiches from cooling room go on traysCollect arvo mugs ( yellow and pink)Set up coffee and tea2 cups with lids12 mugs12 saucersextra sugarstea and coffee jartea pit with 6 tea bags3.50 -Put hot plates (use teatowel cause hot) on trays with lid and baseBlind plates green dotsKent has plate as well as well as sandwich trolley 24.00 Collect and Wash up afternoon mugs and stack4.15 Put sandwich bread on plates on trays however do not give it to yellow trays cause there puree.430-Soup serve in orange and red mugs people with thickened fluid have no soup. Put rest of soup back on stove.

4.45- take out trolleysPut trolleys of trays where they are meant to goClean surfaces and washupCollect lids of dessert and plates and wash themCollect trays and stack them on trolley wash them all and put them back on trolley in kitchen yellow trays go on yellow label.Set up trays for breakfastNapkins2 teaspoons for yellow traysthe rest have normal spoonStack all washing up.Clean surfaces with hotwater soap and scruber clean washing machine and spray sanitiser purple spray on surfaces.

Mop floors dry mop side to side in width.