Belonging is a concept we??™d hope to find instinctive. It is an idea that most take for granted until it is threatened. To belong is to be accepted. To belong is to be yourself and be embraced for it. To feel at home without feeling obliged to take of your shoes as you walk through the front door and overuse the words ???thank you???. Good morning miss Collins and fellow students. Today I will be discussing how understanding nourishes belonging and how shared experiences, congruent values and cultural heritage are factors that create understanding between relationships and nourish belonging. I will also discuss how when these factors are different between people there will be a lack of understanding and will prevent any sense of belonging within your own identity and society.

???Big World??? by Tim Winton, found in the collection of short stories, ???The Turning??? expresses the idea of not belonging with friends, family, school and community and the journey that must be embarked upon in hopes of finding it. It exposes a relationship of being loyal out of duty versus truly belonging to someone.
When you??™re cultural identity is misunderstood within a geographical location you can feel dislocated and displaced. This is represented by the use of many techniques, one of which is setting or use of landscape. Romulus??™s lack of understanding of the Australian landscape is shown in an incident where he stupidly sets alight a stook to try and a snake. ???Without thinking, responding with the instinct of an immigrant unused to the tinder-dry conditions of an Australian summer, he set fire to the stook in order to kill the snake???. This alienates Romulus from society a lack of understanding between him and the landscape, locals and society. Gaita uses foreshadowing to show how Romulus reacts differently to how someone brought up in Australia would. Romulus gains a sense of belonging in the community in another incident where his fast response saves one of the local farmer??™s lives. This sense of belonging is created by the newly gained respect he earns from the farmer and other members of the Baringhup society. ???He and others attributed his survival to my father??™s prompt and sensible action.???.
Raymond??™s mother Christina does not ever feel as she belongs to the Australian landscape. Gaita uses the landscape as a metaphor to represent her dislocation and alienation from the society. ???A dead red gum stood only a hundred metres from the house and became for my mother a symbol of her desolation.???Gaita also uses descriptive and emotive language to express her loneliness ???She could not settle in a dilapidated farmhouse???. Unlike either of his parents Raymond feels a connection to the land and gains a sense of belonging to Australia through the beauty he finds within the native landscape. Gaita expresses this using descriptive language ???The key to the beauty of native trees lay in the light which so sharply delineated them against a dark blue sky.??? He also feels that everything was in its right place and belonged that he could not kill the rabbit which was the reason he was out in the nature in the first place.
There is an obvious feeling of not belonging to the persona??™s small town, expressed through effective use of metaphor.???Anchored to the friggin place, stuck forever???. The persona feels a sense of enclosure from his town and dreams to get away. ???Unlike him I??™m not really from here??? the use of italics emphasises he??™s not ???from???, he does not feel like it??™s home. Although unlike Gaita, he has to search for his sense of belonging. Through this journey he has realised that he and Biggie do not belong with one another and that there is a big world out there full of places and people to belong with.
Having family and friends within a community creates a sense of belonging but when your beliefs, morals and values are different this sense of belonging is prevented. Romulus feels alienated from the Australian community because there is no understanding or common ground between him the ???New Australian??? and the locals. Gaita expresses this in Romulus??™ need to find a sense of community ???As soon as he my father arrived at the camp in may 1950, He asked the man who greeted new arrivals whether there were any Romanians.??? Romulus and Raimond show a great understanding of each other creating a bond and great belonging; this is shown multiple times throughout this transcript. One of which uses metaphor to explain how little they owned but how happy they are just because they have each other.??? Our life at Frogmore was Spartan, but I never felt that we were poor???. Gaita uses a comparison to express the extent to which he trusts his father.??? I was nervous riding with Mitru and entreated him to slow down on the gravel roads. When I rode with my father, no matter how fast he drove, I always urged him to drive faster???. With trust comes comfort and with comfort you gain a greater sense of belonging to whatever or whomever you are comfortable with. Raimonds mother Christina does not belong within any relationships or groups of society as no one understands or relates with her morals and beliefs. Her alienation is expressed by the strong emotive language Gaita uses to show the resent he felt towards his mother ???I also felt resentful that she could come, just like that, unannounced.??? The position of the commas emphasise the word unannounced, representing the lack of influence and occurrence in and on his life. Gaita expresses his mother would have been more accepted by society had they known of her disability by using foreshadowing through the character Hora??? If one was inclined to say that she was lazy or irresponsible, one would have to qualify it by saying she was ???pathologically??? so.???
The protagonist??™s relationship with the character, Biggie, is unusual. Their characterisation highlights their differences and lack of common ground. Instantly we know the persona doesn??™t belong as he admits Biggie ???is content, he belongs??¦I envy him???. He follows this by ???Friendship, I guess, comes at a price???. Since Biggie saved the persona from a bully it is valid that he has stuck by him ???out of loyalty???. This phrase is repeated throughout the novel signifying it is out of duty, not by a mutual feeling of belonging and personal fulfilment. They have each other because they don??™t have anyone else.


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