English Peter Skskksk

???Peoples perceptions of belonging vary according to the way they see themselves and their world???A sense of belonging shapes self-image about who and what we are. The desire to belong is instinctive to human nature, everyone belongs in one way or another, but perceptions of belonging can be varied and distorted throughout the way an individual sees themselves as well as their surroundings. Many individuals try to be understood and to be accepted therefore feeling a sense of belonging, but you can not change who you are and where you come from. Many people feel a sense of alienation, which can lead to self discovery, many of these perceptions of belonging are shown in the texts ???ST Patricks College, Corrugated castles and Feliks Skrzynecki. Peoples Perceptions of belonging are portrayed in these three texts, throughout each of these texts many perceptions of belonging are portrayed to the way they see themselves and the world.Just because an individual has a physical connection to a place does not necessarily lead to a feeling of belonging. In Peter Skrzyneckis poem ???St Patricks College??? many perceptions of belonging are not evident.

Throughout the poem Peter challenges his sense of belonging of how he sees himself and how he sees his surroundings and the world around him. Peter feels as he does not belong to the school, he has a physical presence but does not have a sense of feeling accepted to the surroundings and the world around him.


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