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Dr. KL Logan
English 1113.1917
14th September 2010
Standing Up for My Faith
Imagine standing before a crowd of people, all of them yelling at you. How would you react Would you sit down, would you walk away, or would you stand up for what you believe in Sadly this scenario has happened everyday for thousands of years. Standing up for what you believe in isn??™t always easy. In fact, it??™s one of the hardest things you can do. You face the after effects of being shunned, laughed at, or even losing your friends. It??™s scary; I know I??™ve been in that situation. It wasn??™t easy it took a lot of courage, and strength to speak up. To have everyone??™s eyes on me for those few minutes that felt like forever, was intimidating. I was afraid that everyone would gang up on me and bash my faith. But in the end it was worth it. Whether it??™s standing up for your faith, your school, or your friends it??™s tough and this is my story.
In 2007, I was a sophomore at Ponca City High School in Ponca City, OK. I got along with everyone well almost everyone. One day some girls and I from the volleyball team were in the upper commons for lunch. One of the girls Savannah was telling us about how she wanted to become a missionary in Thailand. She was excited and talking a little loud. The same group of upper classmen always sat caddy corner from us every day and never gave us a problem until that day. As Savannah was talking a chair slammed to the ground, and the cafeteria went silent as we all turned to look at the guy who slammed the chair. To our surprise we all knew the guy, Chase Curfman. Chase was standing there with a furious look on his face, staring at us. He then began to tell us, that what we believed in was all BS. We all knew Chase, he was a fairly nice guy. He was cute and played football. He was the all around guy liked by everyone. We never suspected something like this from him. He went on to say that we were stupid and ignorant for believing in God.
When he said that a picture popped into my head. It??™s a scene from a movie where a man is being punished for his faith. There??™s people everywhere some crying for him, others yelling and spitting on him. He??™s clothed in fabric that looks dirty and blood stained. He??™s tired, and looks ready to give up. You can tell he??™s doing something important. There??™s another man with him, helping him to do what is told of him to do. The guards around them are laughing, and taunting. The sun is beating down, they??™re on sand and he has no shoes on. He??™s carrying an old rugged tree, it??™s heavy for he is hunched over and giving his all to keep moving. The signs of torture are almost overbearing. But he??™s standing up for what he believes in, and that??™s all that matters to him. Jesus did it, so why couldn??™t I, I just needed a little help.
As underclassmen we were scared and everyone was watching to see what we would do. It seemed like forever had gone by, when in reality it was only a couple of minutes. As soon as Chase began yelling at us, I immediately began silently praying. Praying for the courage to do what was right, prayer to be able to stand up for my faith, praying for him to stop. In a few seconds, I was standing up, quiet and listening to him. Chase looked at me and glared the most hated look I had ever seen. I began to tell him that there was no need for yelling and causing a scene and that, yes, we did believe in God, with our all. He argued back and asked us why we believed in something we could not see. It??™s a simple question asked by many.
I proceeded to tell Chase that my faith was strong, stronger than anything and anyone. Chase looked at me funny and said, ???Well where was God when my mom was dying in front of me???. Chase, we all knew lost his mom a few weeks earlier to a battle with Lung Cancer. He blamed God for his moms suffering and death and all the hardships that followed. Everyone that believed in God, in Chase??™s eyes were just as responsible, like an accomplice. I told Chase the same thing my mom told me when I lost my sister to suicide. ???God was right there, He still is. He knows you??™re hurting but you can??™t blame Him and everyone around you for what happened.???
As I looked around the cafeteria, there were kids silently praying and there were some even praying out loud. I knew a lot of the kids praying, most of them from Christian families. The kids who were with Chase were leaving refusing to listen to what I had to say. I felt accomplished for standing up for my faith and beliefs. It was hard and difficult to do. Because I know that when I was talking to Chase that people were looking to see how I would react to his questions, to his anger, to his argument.
Like I said standing up for what you believe in isn??™t easy it??™s hard. It will take all your courage and strength to get up and defend your faith. In the world we live in today, Christians are imprisoned, tortured, and sadly sometimes they are even murdered for standing up. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. – Unknown. It??™s worth it, even if you??™re the only one standing up. If it??™s what you truly believe in, then it won??™t matter if your alone, or what people say.


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