David Mei
1st Period
Mrs. Blades
Narrative Writing

I still remember those days, the days my mom would always tell me stories about the big lump on her belly. She would tell me about how I could become a become brother someday, and I remember so very clearly when that day finally came.
The morning after I spent the night at my friend Kevin??™s house, my life changed beyond imaginable. We played silly little games that night, things we did back in fourth grade. I miss those times; we would think about what he would look like. What would he do But the most intriguing idea was simply the fact of how he would get out of my mom??™s stomach. The thought brings back laughter. However, that night at Kevin??™s house was a little different. Laughter did not fill the air, but silence was very prominent. Why was I feeling this so worried Then it hit me. Once he would come out then my life would completely change. That night could??™ve been the most difficult night to sleep through in my childhood years. Squirming in my bed, I found a resting position and laid there thinking. Just thinking. ???What will he be like??? The thought constantly bothered me, ???What would happen if he turned out to be a horrible brother??? I said in my head. I hid my eyes trying to ignore the thoughts, trying to fall asleep. When I blinked again, I just squinted as bright lights beamed out of the window panes.
The next day went by extremely quick. Everything seemed to be at a hit and go pace. I never stayed at one place for more than 1 minute it seemed. I ate a hot breakfast with Kevin. As soon as the warm taste entered my mouth, Dad walked in the house. He said we needed to leave as soon as I finished. Gobbling everything up, I made my way to the door. We said our farewells and my dad and I left to the car. Time seemed to be my only wish at the time.
As the car roamed past big skyscrapers and heavy traffic, I kept thinking about my incoming little brother. I didn??™t know why but it bothered me so much. I groaned and muttered things, but before I knew it, the car had come to a pause and we were there. Getting out of the car, we found ourselves to the two big glass doors. We walked inside and everywhere seemed to be people being carried around in wheelchairs. The sight scared me a little. ???Is my mom doing ok??? I thought. I urged myself to assume the best of things, and continued to walk alongside my dad. The seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes turned to hours. It seemed like an eternity before we would actually get to the room where my mom was at. Breaking the silence, my dad said something in his thick Chinese accent. ???We??™re here.???
I inched myself into the room, not knowing what could happen, so I slowly slid my head through the side of the door to see my mom holding something in her hands. He was so tiny. His hands caressed against my mom. The nurses bundled him up in a tight ball no larger than a football. I couldn??™t help but break out a smile. Then I heard those words again, but only a little different this time. ???You??™re a big brother now. I hope you are proud, David.???
As the years have passed, I now know what it??™s like to have a little brother. Now that I think about it, my first thoughts about him proved to be right. He is so annoying.


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