Damn the village! I confess to god, and god has seen my name on this! It is enough! This is what John Proctor says about his already blackened name because of lies due to his level of belonging. Now Belonging can be a lot more difficult than it first appears. In my opinion, I think it is. Belonging can be multifaceted and belonging may be strong on one level but it can restrict you from belonging to others.
The texts that show this are The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the film bend it like Beckham by Gurinda Chadra and these two texts relate to each other and show how belonging is multifaceted and how belonging can restrict you belonging to other levels.

In the Crucible, we can see how a person can belong strongly to his own values which can restrict them from belonging on another level. John Proctor is a key example. John Proctor committed the crime of adultery, which goes against all beliefs, and then he tries to stand up for what is right and no one believes him. We see this when John is in the church trying to prove that abby is lying. John gets frustrated at the high court and starts to yell and becomes extremely agitated and violent when the high court doesn??™t believe him this is because of his previous crime of adultery of which he has not yet confessed. John tends to use repetition in this act to try and prove his point to the high court. ???They??™re all marvelous pretenders??? proctor tries to tell the high court that abby and her friends have made everything up. The high court does not believe Proctor and therefore belonging for John Proctor is extremely difficult as if he wants to be believed and prove that abby and her friends are making everything up he must confess his crimes of adultery. So belonging to his own beliefs made everything so much more difficult to put forward his own argument. For John Proctor Belonging is a Negative as John Proctor dies for believing in his own beliefs and values over the communities beliefs e.g Christ.

Similarly, in the film Bend it like Beckham. We see how Mr Bhamra dosent belong to his cricket team when he was a child. Due to his native roots in India. Mr Bhamra uses the derogatory term ???Gora??? to refer to the white British players that made fun of him as a child, showing his feelings of disgust, of Not being accepted because of his beliefs and belonging to his native culture and traditions. The Lighting casts a shadow across his face, externalizing the feelings of disappointment. Also High camera angles are used to highlight the vulnerability of him. Not belonging for Mr Bhamra is not a positive for him or his family as Not Belonging for Mr Bhamra is a big reason for him not wanting his daughter jess to play soccer as he feels the same thing will happen to her. This is all because of the bad impression of Team sports when he was a child. Belonging is shown to be hard in this part of the film as Mr Bhamra situation becomes complicated with his Team mates and the way he fits in.

A person can also belong to a community we see clearly in The Crucible how people are torn from the community circle and left to die and we also see the people that were never a part of the community. John Proctor was never part of the community. Proctor dosent belong to the community because of what he believes in as well as the differences in his religion compared to the communities. Proctor says he believes in god but he never goes to Sabbath. Proctor also lives a long way out of town he dresses in dark well worn and torn clothes, he has an old weathered face with long unshaved facial hair as well as a long dirty beard. Compared to the nice suits, well cut, shaved, clean faces of the rest of the townsmen. By using the technique of appearance Arthur Miller can clearly show how Proctor dosent belong he clearly dosent fit in with everybody else and nobody can actually take him seriously when he dresses in that way. Belonging to a community is also clearly Shown in Bend it Like Beckham.

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The music we hear in Jesminders living room is native to India, showing the families desire to remain true to their native homeland despite living in a westernized country. It is very much a closed community between the Indian families in the film. The music is juxtaposed against that is played in the scenes of jess playing soccer, featuring western songs such as Tom Jones ???she??™s a lady??? and Curtis Mayfield??™s ???Move on up???. Belonging in this way is an advantage to Jess as at home she can belong to her self and live by her native traditions and beliefs but while she playing soccer or hanging out with Jules she can belong to the English community by fitting in and listening to the western music and playing soccer. As Shown in these pieces of text Belonging can be extremely difficult.

There are so many ways in which people can and cant belong and being from a different race religion and background just like the Bhamra??™s stops them from belonging to the true English community as they don??™t fit into that stereotype.
The same happens to John Proctor his beliefs and religion differ from the rest of the communities and for that he is not welcome he is rejected from society and Proctor is killed pretty much for not believing in god the same way as the rest of the community.


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