History (n.) ~ 1. Cyclical chronology of mistakes.???Another cold morning I stir, with the blue-grey tinge of the world??™s light hazing my quarters, cursing the bitter slumber gone past. Above the ambience of the war, the typical chaotic unrest, amplified by the distant sounds of gunfire, burning and the destruction, is numbed as my lethargy is momentarily disrupted. The beams of light struggle through the sprawling, haphazard slats of wood obstructing my window, just enough to illuminate the government??™s cant on the other side of the wall, a perfect counterpoint to the mixture of dust and peeling flakes of paint off my ceiling. I know what it says even without opening my eyes: Safety, Respect, Harmony ??“ but in mirror-reverse, from this perspective.

I give a huff from my nose, raise a grin and I summon up, almost automatically, the slogan down the hallway: War, Murder, Extinction. The point of protest, the reality, the reason for my cause – the reason for my unrest in a lousy bed every night and why we are the infidels not the arbitrators.My now nugatory alarm rings stimulating a troop of men eager to rise and repent for their rest. Let me clarify. We do not want to fight, so we run and find comfort in sleep, however much closer to death it brings us.

At least it is life: a life we seize, at least for the moment, for ourselves. After all, we merely crave the liberties that were once normally permissible, before the war: liberties that seem increasingly now like illusions.Perhaps the great enemy is not a human being, but chronology.

If we just had the time, we could be soldiers for the future; many of us are men of science, men of vision. But these men ??“ our human enemies – do not give that luxury to us. The government??™s sermon was religion to these men of war, who call themselves men of peace: being wakeful was their scripture and slumber, their most deadly of sin.???The sound of sentry sensors ??“rudimentary as they are – rips through the smooth motion of the morning rituals.

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They are coming: the government soldiers.??? Sir, I don??™t mean to interrupt, but what exactly are you on about Did you start before most of us came in ???Cause I think I might have missed some sort of introduction.??????No introduction, just getting straight into the lesson.

??? Tim Norris leaned to the side of the interactive white board, book open in hand. That quote is from the novel From Wake to White Night. This is a class of history, is it not, Mr Franklin??????Yes, but sir??¦ you haven??™t really answered my question. What has this From Wake to White Night got to do with our study of our history, well, the Caprican Reform at least???Norris snapped shut the book. ???Up until this point, Mr Franklin, your understanding of New Caprica??™s history has been shrouded by one-sided airy-fairy indoctrination to glorify the truth and to suppress the facts.

??????Indoctrination, sir Where??™s all of this coming from Are you saying you disagree with the curriculum I mean, forgive me for sounding excessively empirical but a verifiable and justifiable truth already exists on the matter, so you may as well not waste your time. Don??™t you think Truth of History is going to be hard to assess if you??™re going to introduce some quasi-historical dissidence Or are we going to get into a riveting discussion about relativist historians ???Cause I??™m all up for another lesson of bumming around, sir.??????Is it too much to ask to have a class without people throwing themselves between me and my worthy educational objectives I hope they realise that unless they refrain from hindering my lesson another FAIL awaits them in their mid-terms ??¦ May I continue, Mr Franklin??? Franklin shrugged his nonchalance. ???Why, thank you.??? Norris sat down behind his desk. ???William Hastie defines best the reasons why we study history and why history is recorded. He says, and I quote, ???History informs us of past mistakes from which we can learn without repeating them. It also inspires us and gives confidence and hope bred of victories already won.

??? Does he speak for me Does he speak for you Are our mistakes, confidences and victories the one and the same??????We all know Caprica??™s history sir. It??™s been drummed into us.??? Smith, a [describe this kid] next to Franklin, spoke up.???I dare to suggest you only know one truth ??“ and that makes it a perception. You only know one of an infinite number of ???truths??™ and what I just read, literally, is the other side of the story regarding the Caprican Reform, as you purportedly know it. Was it not once said by a great Earth colonial ???beauty is truth, truth beauty??? Many have misguidedly understood this, especially in the context of his particular era, to mean that the greatest beauty is finding truth in the beauty of your own conceptions; that is, embracing your own beliefs, imagination and knowledge.??? He pushed back his chair and stood up.

???Blake, if you would please open up your ComSat and read the first excerpt I??™ve uploaded.???A boy with a floppy fringe is startled from his slumber-like position.???In this war, right and wrong are indistinguishable when both sides are self justifying. The war is fought between the distinct senses of morality of my soldiers and those mindless drones. In the jungles of rubble, these different moralities become as tangled as their corpses.

I, however, am fighting for my liberty, my independence, my autonomy; I will be the last of all humanity. I will retain my freedom of expression; I will enjoy the splendours of this world; I will embrace my individuality to my last breath.Does the government dare to suggest their cause is the same that they too are working for the dignity of the glorious human race To dare is to deceive: order is their highest value; a codeword for control, oppression, and death.

In this current situation, their spurious notion of order is simply to acquiesce and embrace the extinction of us all.???Norris was the first to break the silence. ???Already you can see how allegedly objective motives disintegrate into something considerably less. This may be difficult to accept; in fact, the better you have been educated in this story as we commonly know it, paradoxically the harder it is to broaden your perspective and knowledge.

For example, who here scored that fabulous 100% in Junior Citizenry History??? He glanced thoughtfully around the room before his eyes lighted on a girl of modest appearance with a plethora of books smothering her desk. ???If I??™m not mistaken, the person I am searching for is you, Miss Bellesiles, for your research paper ??“ ???The Purpose of History???, wasn??™t it??? Bellesiles nodded. ???The title of your work says a lot about your knowledge, and even more so the acclaim it received says a lot about the narrow mind of our so-called historical education. Spare me your outrage, Miss Bellesiles. I am in no way meaning to discredit your work; you achieved a magnificent feat, which was appropriate for the instructions and requirements mandated.

I am, however, bringing into disrepute the viability of its contents as anything but mere comprehension.???Norris looked out and saw a mixture of boredom and incomprehension. ???This may be repetitive, but ??¦ MR FRANKLIN, perhaps you would share with the class what has your gaze so intently focused on your ComSat??????Um – it??™s Rise of a Nation sir, it??™s a game.

??????Fracking Apollo Almighty! Bellesiles, keep your snotty mouth shut!??????Mr Franklin, that??™s enough!??????Sir, I promise you, it??™s educational, it??™s ??“ it??™s about the growth of our very nation. This edition is about Caprica about 900 years ago.??????I am familiar with the game.

Humour me ??“ and the class as well, why not – and go to level 7. Read us the extract that comes up. It could actually be useful, not to mention. It lets us test the educational value of your foolishness.

??? The most fleeting hint of a grin played about his features. ???But, sir, why, if you??™re obviously so familiar with it Its just the same stuff that??™s in our textbook anyways.???Bellesiles sighed. ???He??™s obviously trying to make a point, so just read the extract out, would you Franklin Stop wasting our time.??????No-one asked you Bellesiles ??¦??? He looked up in time to catch Mr Norris??™s glare. ???Okay, fine.

??????The Caprican state strikes tragedy 30 years before 0AR. The sole-continent has survived self-sufficiently, after Hellena quarantined the colony due to viral infection that, whilst the inhabitants were immune other citizens of the Empire were not, for over 300 years now. The Hellenic Empire??™s parliamentary office on Earth had turned its back Caprica.??????Now anyone, relativist, empiricist all forms of historians would agree that is truth. What about it makes it truth, or makes it undeniably truthful If history is most useful as truth and every form literature is subjective then what is objective about truth??????Facts are truths sir. As facts are truths then the overall truth must be supported by fact.

??????Very true Miss Bellesiles, so what we have established is that the truth is not always subjective ??¦ imagination, creativity, perhaps ??¦ but the simple stating of undeniable facts when seen with a clear cut mind is objective truth. The time periods are stated ??¦ T30 to 0AR is the period of the Caprican Reform and the previous 300 years are defined and commonly understood as ???Cordonia Aera??™ or Quarantine Era. There is no room for subjectivism in some facts.

But perhaps makes us human is our subjectivism. Our metaphysical qualities are all subjective, our emotions, our perception, our memory and therefore the sources or pieces which the jigsaw of history is created can be subjective. As with anything, as the ???infidels??™ philosophy was much like, life is biased from one person to the next.Take a bird soaring high above you. Some may see it as simply a bird, flying home or to find its next meal. Another might see it as nature, and thus as some see it, nature being the word of god.

Another still, might see it as an individual reflection of their inner emotions. Not to mention someone seeing it as an omen or symbol of freedom. One persons memory may be different to another??™s and therefore one persons recollection and recording of history can too.

?????? Sir you explained how there can be an objective truth but what subjective truth can be found in this period of history. The government??™s archives are so extensive and you know all too well how much of our school life is devoted to remembering the records and remembering the history that ???changed Caprica for all life to come???.???Yes I shall read another excerpt and then we will foray into an exercise??? ???We yearned for the fatherland, which had so willingly given up its paternal obligations.

Caprica was estranged and therefore we were lacking opportunity for advancement and diversity. We needed it to fulfil our capabilities and ascend to a higher state of living.??????The ???fatherland??? here being Hellena; what the people in the Quarantine Era thought were that its obligations to Caprica as a colony were being deserted. There is no denying the events of Cordonia Aera. The events are incredibly well documented with accuracy not seen in any other period of history.

Now impress upon me your knowledge; that is, anything at all in relation to the era so we can work up to the revolution chronologically. One thing, though: if you intend to use, say, the knowledge from your textbook, you will need to consider that for every piece of ???truth??? from it, there is most likely an equal or opposite ???truth???. By piecing together the bias and cancelling it out, it may be possible to achieve a partial objective truth, if you can twist your cerebral cortex around that. Take, for example, this prism. The white light, or the light around you is projected into it and diverted into the many colours that make up white light. If we were to take one colour and examine it there is no doubt we would find it is part of a bigger picture, but without the opposite colour and all those in between it is just a partial insight into the whole truth. Thus it is true, but only partially when examined under different pretences, as it does not reveal the whole truth.

Putting down the prism, he thought he detected some glimmers of understanding beginning to emerge. ???Now for the exercise; if you would all please enter into your ComSats an important fact you know about this period of 30 years.It all occurred six hundred years ago, starting with the attempt to cure the curse Apollo was thought to have placed on our people. They thought we were being punished for attempting to stray from his almighty plan.

– AlbieChryses is to be blamed for all errors, by attempting to cure the disease and thus causing the plague of infertility. ??“ Miss BellesilesThe Caprican Government held strong and overthrew the rebellion who were trying to hide our Salvation. ??“ SmithThe Caprican population was reduced to 88,000 and has rebuilt with Hellenic help to the 4 million we see today – FranklinThe Conception of the Salvation was almost undone by the rebels.

The government rescued her and the greatest minds set out to return fertility to the people. – WestwardIt was because of the government??™s civilised persistence and faith that the human race in fact prevailed. People were able to live freely and happily before their dying days. The government kept the infidels at bay.

– BlakeAgain peering out the window Mr. Norris notices the interactive white board filling with statements. ???Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. We had some more but this is enough to prove that what I was saying before about the partial objective truth is utterly relevant here. Many of these facts you??™ve given me are biased as a result of political motives or utopian thinking.

To my disbelief, Franklin presented the only completely rational and objective statement. The rest of you all presented comments which, under one particular perspective, are biased or make statements without adequate support. If we take a look at ??¦??????Sir??????Yes, Smith??????How was my comment inadequate or invalid The Government did hold strong and it did overthrow the rebellion.??????Technically correct, I??™ll grant you. But we??™ll come back to this later.

For now, if we take a look at your comments, apart from reflecting your education, they portray Chryses as a devious mind who ruined humanity and had no remorse when the Government brought him to justice. Everyone: read the note on your ComSat now, to see why perspective changes everything.??????No other Caprican can empathise with my emotions and feelings.

I stand alone on the pinnacle of human achievement, the only one who dared to make the ascent. Yes, it is true. I have performed genocide on humanity??™s freedoms and future. But the little mind fails to understand why.

I was working to extend these freedoms and brighten this future, not curtail them. I was serving the people with whom I was entrusted to cure and ensure a future for.???Now, can anyone tell me who the writer of this book might be From Wake to White Night.??™???Chryses, sir??? Bellesiles, first as always. ???Why would we want his opinion He tried to cure the disease and ended up spreading infertility throughout Caprica. From that moment on, his goal of achieving improved relations with our ancestry and fatherland was near to impossible. Instead of rebuilding the lost link with Earth, he destroyed any such possibility and doomed Capricans to extinction.

Some would say he failed in every sense of the word. We have the government to thank for restoring our society to what we know today.??????You started strong, Miss Bellesiles, but your remarks started to dissipate the neutrality of your view. Chryses??™ past is well documented, and he makes no denial of this in his story. He explains his perspective in an abridged form of his story, ???Cure to Exacerbation???.

??? He aimed the remote and the interactive white board lit up:???I have been blamed for my poor foresight and the irresponsibility of my actions in attempting to cure the virus that has plagued our land for near 300 years. We may have been peaceful; we may have been progressing scientifically, artistically and socially, striving like any other society, for perfection. This may have been the error of our existence. We were but a small society, insular and self-sufficient maybe, but condemning our selves to incest and death, much like Spartiate culture of Hellenic Earth??™s history. We needed our fatherland: to survive to progress, to gain answers, to ensure a positive future for our children and generations to follow. So we did what we believed to be right.

It is important that it is understood this decision was in no way determined solely by the research team or me. The government funded our operation and on every action there was liaison by government representatives. I was their pawn, just like the soldiers are now; and just like I was, they are expendable assets, which can be cast aside when a finger of blame needs pointing. It is by no justifying purpose I tell you this, simply to explain my side of the story and perhaps to who may read this paint the picture of truth not JUST propaganda.??????Did he say ???cast aside??™ in that extract, sir Because if that??™s true, then the Government records could give us insight into it despite the possibility of a distorted perspective or manipulated recounts.

??????Spot on, Albie. You??™re right, Chryses??™ work as described by the government as ???treason against the State??? and his character ???underhanded villainy bent on the destruction of Caprica to appease his own misery???. But how can he be the villain when he was just one of the henchmen, as he claims, for the mistake the Government in fact committed Chryses??™ journal has been an underground publication and is riddled with copies of documents showing government signatures and authorisation of his research. Does anyone know why he has been cast aside by the Government, discarded, if you will??????Well, the facts we know are that Chryses was the leader of the team that tried to create the vaccine for the plague. We also know that this vaccine was in the form of a micro-organism that ended up being able to pass and mutate from human to human, causing a breakdown of the female reproductive organs. The obvious reasons are there why he would be exiled, but I??™m guessing you??™ve got an extra something up your sleeve sir.??????Why yes, I do. It is written in government archives as well as Chryses??™ journal and research logs that the operation was being funded with public money – under the table.

I put it to you that once the error occurred, the Government quickly assumed the role of the innocent bystander, as outraged as any citizen was at the time. They acted quickly to, on the surface, bring Chryses to justice but really I would suggest they were covering up their own crimes and putting a face to the criminal, a scapegoat, if you will. This positions them as the heroes of the piece and gains them the trust of vulnerable people who need protection.

??????Sir, the Government wouldn??™t do that. The records show that??¦??????Are you not following, Miss Bellesiles??? Mr Norris??™s fingers pinch at the bridge of his nose through a squint. ???If it is as claimed, that the records are tainted, then we cannot trust them, and we would also have to question if we can trust the Government. There are few things we can be so sure of as our ability to educate generation after generation of blindly patriotic, ill educated and ill-prepared fools, merely through the manipulations of historyThe records of both sides, when put together and compared, can show us some things. For example the number of ???infidels??? is consistently numbered at twelve thousand.

The leader of the rebellion, whether he likes it or not, is determined to be Chryses.??? ???Twelve thousand??? A tone on the verge of outcry sprung from Westward. ?????¦ If you??™re saying that the Government??™s motives were to simply cover up their indiscretions, why were there so many people running across the countryside, hunted, fighting, dying for their cause??????That??™s precisely it, though isn??™t it sir??? Smith followed somewhat sheeplike. ???They??™re for their cause aren??™t they??????Their cause and beliefs, yes, but their reasons change very much, as too does the nature of their rebellion. Put yourself in their shoes. If the Government decided the way you were going to live your life by restricting your leisure, your basic rights, by controlling all aspects of news, entertainment, education and even movement through curfews and high walls; would you not want to say something against that Wouldn??™t you fight, rebel, or express your anger in any way possible ??¦ not even that, wouldn??™t you seek to keep your freedoms and pleasures???One voice fought through the burble of voices. ???You??™re asking if we??™d fight for our cause, if WE would do the same and become revolutionaries But what cause were these 12,000 fighting for??????Good point.

Their initial cause is in the piece I read as you were entering the room, ???we do not want to fight, so we run and find comfort in sleep, however much closer to death it brings us. We merely crave the liberties that were once normally permissible, of which we are currently deprived. If we just had the time, we could be soldiers for the future, many of us men of science, but these men do not give that luxury to us.??™ Within thirty years the rebels and the citizenry of Caprica basically became two distinct cultures. You have the structured, organised and really quite monotonous and unadorned life of the citizens that offered security, complacency and science. The culture here is said to be ???more concerned with the progression of a people so that in the event of total extinction an everlasting legacy will remain???. On the other hand, you also have the rebel??™s life, being part of nature and appreciating its beauty, being able to enjoy the liberties available to them and having a life of fantasy, love, surprise, joy and fulfilling a wide range of human emotions and experiences. The rebels therefore thought that the order and monotony of citizens were soulless disciplines that chained down people??™s imaginations, preventing them from expressing themselves and being truly free, happy and ???living??™ life.

??????Sir, Chryses seems so docile in that quote. All our history books tell us that the rebels were violent and had to be brought to justice.??????That is not true of the beginning of their period of exile. They very often ran away, taking shelter in the ruins of the city that the government had deserted in order to have more efficient control and surveillance over its people. This can be seen in the quote of the police chief in his log.???Surveillance is protection, safety, security.

It is required to keep order. Caprica does not need privacy or unnecessary freedoms and frivolous expression of individualism. They need order, they need strength and unity and that is what the government is going to achieve. ??? People??™s Regulatory Control They also spent much of their time venturing into the countryside writing and painting their rebellion. These underground works are now few in number but these are their legacy.???Smith intervenes. ???So what you??™re saying, sir, is, in the beginning, maybe, it is under dispute as to whether they were a violent people.

But, at some point in the thirty-year era, there was violence ??“ that was how reform was brought about. The Government was the victor – although I am assuming you do not agree.??????Remember the saying, Smith: when you assume you make an ass of you and me.

I will agree, on the basic of a technicality. The government was the victor but that??™s not to say politics or the people were victorious. We have reached the point where you understand the events leading up to it and some of the concerned parties motives etc and the catalyst for reform can be analysed.

What makes Chryses or ???The government??? whichever way you choose to believe or follow, what makes them revolutionary is their willingness to take a stand ??¦ to take action!??? He slams his fist on his desk. ???What I impress upon you, much like Chryses says, revolution can come in two forms, 360 or 180 degrees. Has the situation been reversed, or spun in a circle and simply taken a new form??? An array of overlapping, sketchy diagrams flood the Interactive Whiteboard. ???I??™ll let you be the judge, at the end of today??™s lesson. A definition of a reform would be to make changes intended to improve what, in this case – a government??????Generally some sort of injustice,??? Blake says casually.Miss Bellesiles chimes in:??? Yes, or abuse.

??????OR altering an error,??? Smith says insistently.A grin lights up Tim Norris??™s face. ???Thank you all for your input, class. What key aspect of reform is probably most perplexing about this case Consider that the people of the world are dying and the youngest of citizens are 32 years of age. As well as this the world itself is dying and the people have made their choices to live life to ???it??™s fullest??? or live in secure modesty.??????Reform and revolution change a wrong or error for the better. I guess what purpose could an uprising, if violent; serve if it would only speed up the process of death and suffering aggravating the situation. Therefore a superior result could only be cherished or observed for a short period to come.

??? Miss Bellesiles brushes back her fringe and looks back, as if expecting to bathe in the class??™s admiration of her knowledge. ???But as we know, violent uprising occurred but with a purpose.???Mr Norris springs up, pointing his finger towards her.???Correct, correct, there needed to be a catalyst to incite action. As we all know, something changes to the situation, a miracle; divine or otherwise it still remains a miracle. First we will look at Chryses??™ perspective on how things were when him and the ???radicals??™ discovered this change.???The screens come alive with another extract, illuminating the students??™ faces.

???The government, in its infinite wisdom and immense sensibility, strives to break its own motto. Safety, Respect, Harmony. It??™s all well and good to say that, but not brand one??™s soldiers with it as they march on, destroying all who defy their leaders wants. Think of me, of my cause, as a revolution, but with no immediate desire to better the future as a following generation is currently lacking. The government is the rigid, over ruling and smothering force, which we are unavoidably flouting. Aside from your everyday chaos, and the proverbial big picture of this calamity that is Caprican society, there is something more. Something new, a spanner in the mix if you will, that questions the government??™s true motives, that is a light in the dark ??¦ something that offers me a return to grace; that offers me redemption. A germinating miracle.

To us its not just a life, it might seem hyperbolic but this is the future ??¦ it??™s a saviour of divine proportions ??¦ it??™s a rescue from shame I??™ve long awaited.??? ???Before we hear the rebuttal from the public archives, does anyone have an questions???Mr Franklin looks around to see if his confusion is replicated by his classmates, ???Mr Norris, it may simply be because of a lack of context, but I??™m not following his worthiness as being labelled a revolutionary. I just don??™t see any merit to his claims that he was some sort of freedom fighter.???Suddenly a spate of undistinguishable inquiries sprung out at Mr Norris.???I agree sir, we??™ve learnt from the archives about how well the government looked after people even when our days were coming to an end. Take Julius Locke for example I know a quote that shows how happy life is and along with the other excerpts from everyday citizens.???This city is as grand as it ever was.

We are unified, honourable, peaceful and go about our daily lives as we would have done decades ago.??????We are at peace and enjoy our lives without the slightest fear or contemplation of the next generation. The government makes sure we all stay as one???Confused, as to whom he was exactly answering, Mr Norris steps in. ???I??™ll stop you there and get one of you to read something in a few moments.???He breathes a sigh of relief and composure and clutches books in both hands.???The government??™s so called ???unity??? is the simple notion that if you don??™t stand with them you are against them??? He says whilst flailing a book in the air and finally throwing it to the floor.

??? I??™ve seen men and women dragged from their homes in the middle of the night for taking excursions from their monotonous daily lives into the beautiful country side. If we were ever found, they would do the same to us. Its all here, read the evidence and you??™ll see.??? Again, books and papers are waved around in the air and hurled at students.His words obviously strike horror and shock with the students by their gaping and reeling back.???Harmony is NOT unity, harmony to the government is fear and subservience.??? Mr Norris throws books to the floor rhythmically as every word is emphasised.

???Now if you would like to read this rebuttal you will see the different perspective and see that maybe you can??™t just trust the radicals or solely trust the government??™s legacy.??? Mr Norris says calmly as he sits at his desk, a little short of breath.Again the ComSats awaken.???A child, with yet no nativity, is in existence. 6 months now a dissenter has been with child.

The radicals, I assure you most astoundingly to this administration, harbour this miracle without adequate facilities or knowledge to assure the safe deliverance of the baby. No doubt this is the work of Chryses, who??™s motives like all the infidels can only be seen as individualistic and lackadaisical towards their fellow man and the survival of the Caprican people. It is with this that I decree the child will be found and Chryses will be brought to justice. This Government will prevail. REASON will prevail; prosperity, unity and progress will prevail. Caprica will live on or else live its days out in harmony and respect.

A respectful death is honourable in the eyes of his lord ??¦ whatever happens is his will.Safety Respect Harmony.???Much more calmly and sincerely, Mr Franklin is the first to voice his inquiry.

???Sir, what reasons do both parties agree on as to why the government wanted to keep unity, social order, honour and civility Are there even any Because if the reason that the government gives, that they wanted the keep these qualities in order to be good and trusting servants in case Apollo or simply time returned fertility then they have their wish and the world can return to normal, can it not Its obvious they are conflicting philosophies but how are there links to the child???Surprised, as with most of the class, Mr Norris responds. ???Thank you for your questions. Out of the thousand you just asked, Franklin, I??™m hoping the following will explain many of. As any good teacher should be I am fair and will once again read from both points of view.??????Found not in the confine of the city is this child. But in the camps, in the sprawling shanties of the rebellion that we call home time and time again. This blessing has everyone talking, it has everybody thinking leaving many of us afraid and uncertain.

They see me as their unchallenged leader; let me assure you I did not ask for this. But as their leader I must respond to their anxiety and their questions. They ask what is to become of the child, of our people. They ask what the government might do. They ask, most of all if there is a chance that a new beginning has arrived or if our curtains are about to be closed.

???For once silence ensues and Mr Norris seizes on the opportunity to educate. ???The government, so consumed by its power, by its hatred of those who defy their will, that they would certainly not want the rebellion to be praised for the saviour of Caprica. The government would as High Chancellor Rousseau states in the journal??™s pages, torn from their bindings by rebel insurgents ??¦???I would see the termination of all possibility of redemption and rebuilding than see the product of such scum come to fruition. It may seem cruel or tyrannic but no future at all is superior to that of the life of an infidel, with no sense of order, productivity, and hierarchy; there is no room for society amongst people determined to be individuals.

It is the collection of intelligent, rational, educated and contently obedient individuals as a community that is the only way a future can exist for Caprica, for it is the will of Apollo and it is the will of myself.???A shrill voice of opposition pierces to Mr Norris??™ desk. ???Sir, forgive me for sounding so harsh here, but you hypocrite! You agree the government is the victor, but how can this be so if their true motives are to destroy the Salvation???A smirk, which the students know is a precursor to condescension, presents itself on Mr Norris??™ face.???Well, Miss Bellesiles, try and keep up if you can because this is where it might get tricky. It might take a while to answer your question in full, but that??™s only because there is no simple answer.???Some of the best documentation of this era is the action of revolution the violent catalyst for change.

The grand climax of Chryses tale begins now and the fears he expresses of himself and his people in his previous extract come true…

???Mr Norris sits on the edge of his desk with a book eloquently propped up by his hand. He reads with such character, almost like it is a monologue.???Whispers are all I hear. My people are afraid; the soldiers come, stronger and more hostile than the thousand times before. They come for her, I know it, if there is one thing you can be sure of in this life and it??™s the Chancellor??™s bigotry for our people above the welfare of his own.As to the saying we won??™t shoot the messenger, which is why we??™ve put our lives on the line to save humanity in this portentous situation to rise up and overcome.

Noble, isn??™t it But no recognition of nobility or reward is what I seek. I seek nothing more than to repay my people and Caprica itself what is due to them ??¦ a future.That future, those shining eyes of new life to come, the freedom of many and the persecution of few; all this can only be guaranteed if the captain at the helm of this deranged excuse for a people??™s government is removed and his spellbinding hand of lies, deception and dominative action is removed or so be it ??¦ void of life.I must leave now to end my tale.

Hopefully to begin another chapter again or open the pages for another tale to be written, for history to continue on for the Capricans.??????This is 1 day before 0AR. Chryses leaves no other journal entries or literature until the writing of his memoirs. So we rely on the word and paintings of David Louis-Jacques.??? He flails around the book in his hand that he is clearly referring to.

A book is flung out from behind him and the reading continues.???We are crouching behind a large assortment of rubble and ruins and he stands. We all muse upon what awaits us. Is it Life Death Heroism Am I doing the right thing or simply should I stay or should I go He stands and our thoughts turn to him, our ears stand to attention ready to follow the words of our leader. This is his chance to speak his sermon and I play the part of stenographer to every utterance.

???What do you see before youDo you see the fear that is driving your hearts into your chestsDo you see your own death and sacrifice for people you may never grow to seeBefore me, I see my brethren, a mass of defenders here to defy tyranny and ensure a future. You have come to fight as free men, to risk your lives as free men but no matter what happens here, by taking a stand you will always be free men. What would you do without your freedom Would you fight for it Would you fight for your children??™s freedom Join me now and take this chance to fight for what??™s right, fight with your heart and soul, not with your politics or your anger, but fight for the feelings you get. The feeling you get from Apollo??™s sun beating down on your cold hands quaking at the trigger of your guns, the breeze carrying with it the aromatic delight of the countryside, the birds flying high above ??¦ their freedom, can be hereFor the womenFor the menFor your broodFor ALL OF CAPRICAIT??™S THERE; COME WITH ME AND TAKE IT!???All at once the men screamed ???freedom!??™ They leaped off their haunches and charged toward the bastion ready to fight, ready to die, ready to be heroes. Many men died in the assault, but they proved to be a worthy sacrifice with our strength and valour being enough to exceed that of our opponents. Chryses stampeded up the levels to the throne room of the chancellor.

??? The day is lost, the child is lost. Now no more men need to be lost today, do the right thing and relinquish your claim to governance. A new era has begun Chancellor, we will start a fresh, things will be different, perfection does not have to elude us??? said Chryses.???It is true the day is lost. No more men will die, I resign from my post and my powers and duties delegated to the will of Chryses??¦??¦ But we both know one thing Chryses my nemesis, there is no life for me anymore??? the Chancellor stated mystically.

The chancellor reached for his pistol and before his arm could be raised a barrage of bullets perforated his chest. With hands clutched to his chest but could not stem the copious fluid escaping his chest cavity. He glanced up from his wound to see the smoking barrels still pointing at him and collapses. The Chancellor was felled and as it initially appeared, Chryses was the new leader of Caprica.???The ComSats shut off instantly and a pacing Mr Norris works his way through the desks and chairs. ???Government archives and archaeology at the National Museum show that the rebels burnt the building to the ground.

In either case this is true but the reason for it differ. The ???rebels??™ burnt it to the ground as a symbolic gesture of the old ways being destroyed but the others side of the story wants us to believe that the rebels attacked the government fort and the government you should always trust, that will always protect you, saved the day and defeated the rebels none the less??????What happened to this sir I mean not only do we have Chryses account leading up to the overthrowing of the government but we also have the account of David Louis-Jacques.??? Smith says growing even more confused as he points to the books on the table.???I think what Smith is trying to say is that, if we have these accounts how did we lose sight of the truth, or even the possibility of another truth??????Well Bellesiles, Chryses words on that day and I quote were ???perfection does not have to elude us??? meaning a ??¦ I guess utopian society was not all farfetched with this new beginning, the chance to start a fresh. The government thought this shroud over its history would forever be a bad influence and would lead to people having a misguided faith in their leaders. By creating this heroic, guardian angel, adversity-conquering image of themselves they, rightly so, thought this was the right thing to do to achieve Safety, Peace, Harmony ??¦ the original mottos of Caprica??™s government.

???A sudden passion erupts from Blake. ???How could Chryses let them do this I thought he was handed the powers of the Chancellor.??????Chryses was a noble and righteous man when given the power and responsibility to lead the nation. He left it up to the people to decide and as the citizens held the majority there was great reluctance to electing Chryses to the post. He had the vision that in order to build a future for the people, we must act on the will of the people, we must work as one with unity to achieve utopia.

???Franklin jumps to a most astute conclusion. ???Then it backfired against him didn??™t it really???Confused Bellesiles looks probingly upon Mr. Franklin.

???What do you mean Franklin??????Well Bellesiles look at the world today. Are you happy??????Yes indeed, I live well, I enjoy luxury and a range of rights like every citizen.??? Her definitive response sparks a smug expression on her face.However, almost immediately, Franklin ???But have you ever seen the vast expanses of Caprica that are only ever spoken of The meadows, teaming with life and beauty, or the forests and rivers that incite the imagination, adventure and individualism.??? Franklin questions probingly. ???No I guess not.??? The smug expression on Bellesiles??™ face is completely upturned.

An idle Blake lights up. ???Yeah I agree with you there, Franklin. Even though we??™ve got such a happy life, and we??™re made to feel like our every need is catered for, is that only because our needs and wants have been intentionally repressed from the start We never seek a deeper level of human fulfillment because we feel as if this is as good as it gets.???All this while Mr. Norris stands totally content, the subtle watering of his eyes reflecting obvious pride and accomplishment.???Boys and girls I??™m impressed, you??™ve won, and you??™ve reached end game.

Think about how you feel now, about what you realise about our society about how there is never going to be perfection as long as the imperfections remain. We are all unique and so a simple unified well-oiled machine called utopia, whilst we may get closer and closer to, will always seem to elude us in my mind. I am going to read an excerpt of Chryses memoirs, some of the last chapter as a fitting conclusion to this lesson. You will see that you??™ve fulfilled what he wanted and don??™t go thinking that all this change is just doubt, think of it as an enhancing realisation.??????If ever it seems as though I recount without purpose it is this ??¦ to remove the shroud of cover up that will no doubt descend upon the era.

We are a proud people, and our government, no matter the values of its leaders will uphold any canard to save face, it would certainly do anything to erase evidence of any misdeeds in its noble desire for perfection. I am a revolutionary, yes. A saviour perhaps but I anticipate my voice will not be heard to the masses, but if I speak to just a few then maybe my story??™s edifice will shine through. You have to decide whether it is the past, the truthful occurrence of events or the historians and the history we study that repeats itself. ???History repeats itself, says the proverb, but that is precisely ?what it never really does. It is? the historians who repeat themselves.??? ???How does it all end sir Is there ever going to stop being cover ups Are we always going to do a 360 degree revolution eventually??????Well as I see it, history goes round and round in circles, till a thought, a war, a revolution, a defining moment or person who dares to change the order of things, for better or worse, that kicks us along the line, to a bigger circle and so on and so forth. Until we reach a period like today where a dramatic change is seen to be an everlasting victory over the increasingly subtle repetition.

???Mr Norris slumps into his chair. ???I??™m sorry but in answer to your question, it never does, Franklin and as long as humanity is controlled by social, political, economical, personal and emotional motives it never will. As Miss Bellesiles pointed out the only thing humanity, revolutionaries and the individual can hope for is that the repetition fades away into concealment. History has its holes, it always has and always will but there??™s always room for at least a little truth if you know where to look, thus it just might be worth it. Man??™s achievements might be progressive, but his mistakes are cyclical.

We just have to hope that the latter is seen as inept and we can truly learn from history, we can truly learn from great tales, from heroism and plight, from morals and from human??™s you may well have to think of if you come across such a situation; and ask yourself, would you do the same or try to be something new Will you dare to be a revolutionary???Just that instant the electronic chime signals the end to the lesson.As Mr Norris looks at his watch and begins packing away his pile of thrown books and material the students pile out of the room with an air of rejuvenation about them.???Mr Norris Thank you for the lesson, it won??™t be forgotten anytime soon.

It??™s actually given me a lot to think about.??????My pleasure Miss Bellesiles.??? A content expression sweeps across his face.???Mr Norris??? The voice is different this time; somehow stern even in the way his name is spoken.???Oh its you! I was wondering when you would finally come.???Mr Norris turns as 3 People??™s Policemen stand in his doorway.He grins.

???You??™re too late, the damage is already done fellas. I knew the only way we could take you down is amongst your own ranks.???A sneer of frustration is illustrated on the face of one policeman. ???Mr Norris by teaching disapproved material and violating the terms of your parole and work placement I here by arrest you and observe the right to incarcerate you without trial ??“ Rebel scum!???Mr Norris and all his materials are dragged away.

All except one book is found, the most dangerous of all and a recipe for rebellion ??¦ Chryses memoirs.