VCE Units 3 & 4ENGLISH TEXT RESPONSEEXAM2nd Edition20 Text Responses2008 ??“2011Outcome One SAC A+ Practice Examsand Text Response A graduated dif?culty with solutionsUPDATED FOR NEW 2010 TEXT LIST 1ENGLISHSAMPLE PAGES A+ ENGLISH TEXT RESPONSE EXAM VCE UNITS 3&4 2nd EDITION ISBN 9780170185332Christine Vasiljevic 03 9685 4180 christine.

[email protected] Customer Service: 1300 790 853 7518Laura Deriu Jason Jewell ENGLISH EXAMTEXT RESPONSEOutcome One SAC and Text Response AVCE Units 3&4Detailed InformationIntroduction Unit1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8ivConstructing a response for AOS1 and Section 1 of the end-of-year exam of-yearOverview of coursework and exam requirements The text response essay Topics and contentions Text essay plans Constructing introductions Constructing body paragraphs Constructing conclusions Referencing and styleSA MP LE9 A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway Hemingw Life of Pi by Yann Martel nn 10 11 Great Short Works by Edgar Allan Poe orks s 12 Richard III by William Shakespeare I Sha 13 14 Cosi by Louis Nowra osi i Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks r 15 Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy 16 17 the On t Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan 18The Texts: Annotated essays, activities and practice essays vities practi21 30 40 50 60 69 78 87 96 105A Human Pattern ??“ Selected Poems by Judith Wright HumaDear America ??“ Letters Home from Vietnam edited by Bernard EdelmanThe Exam19 20 Text response SAC and exam advice Sample exam: Section A ??“ text response 114 117To see the annotated essays, activities and practice essays for: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt Look Both Ways by Sarah Watt please visit www.apluspub.

com.auPA GE SPage1 3 6 9 12 14 17 19Detailed Information9780170185332iii IntroductionUnits 1??“8Units 1??“8 focus on strategies, structures and vocabulary for building your text responses. You can adapt the sponses. ponses. ada adap approaches and vocabulary presented to achieve your own style.

Units 9??“18Units 19 and 20Units 19 and 20 offer speci?c advice on writing text responses in an exam. r peci?c w Try out the tasks in Unit 20; then submit them to your teacher for feedback and assessment. sks ks suSAivEnglish Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4MP LUnits 9??“18 include sample text responses on speci?c popular texts from the VCE English Text List 1. om T Please note that each sample response is one of many possible approaches to the selected topics. After you have th sel read and examined the samples in this book, it would be useful to brainstorm other approaches to the topics as a way oth to expand your own ideas.

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The annotated ???Excellent Essay??™ samples illustrate how the key ingredients of a text essay may be assembled to gredi gredients construct a response to a speci?c topic. When reading these essays, note how the text has been used to support a e ho position on the topic. Also, look carefully at the vocabulary and expression employed. Consider other approaches to abu abular the topic.

The ???Satisfactory Essay??™ samples provide you with opportunities to practise developing and editing an essay. These u opportun are skills that you can apply to your own writing. The ???Essay Plan??™ proformas help you to organise and develop a relevant and detailed response to a speci?c topic. u de dev You might want to use the planning proformas to try out the essay topics in Unit 20. ou Finally, the ???Training Essay??™ in each unit provides you with the opportunity to practise the essential structures of a n y text response essay and to manipulate your knowledge and understanding of the text into a speci?c response.

nipulate knowlEPA GE SEnglish Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4 provides you with strategies and resources you can use to build and an consolidate your essay text responses for coursework and examination. VCAA Unit 4 SAC assessment descriptors sment descripto ent descriptor have been included. Additionally, you will ?nd a range of ideas and interpretations on ten popular texts from pular Text List 1, 2010.9780170185332 UNIT 4 Text essay plansFeatures of a Text Response Essay Plan ssay yONote form ??“ words, phrasesORange of forms may be used ??“ written, lists, graphics with words, maps, charts and so on cha Ideas organised in sequential, logical order ??“ indication of paragraphing focus agrap agraphing Statement of contention Outline of main pointsOOOOKey terms may be included ??“ character vocabulary, thematic vocabulary, terminology to indicate textual structures, aracter acter th features and conventions Direct quotes Brief descriptions of key evidence from text ns s froOOTypes of Tex Response Essay Plans pes TextBullet point plan format ullet llet pOStatement of contention > ement c ment Brief outline of ?rst reason > Evidence 1 to support ?rst reason > Evidence 2 to support ?rst reason > Brief outline of second reason > Evidence 1 to support second reason > Evidence 2 to support second reason > Brief outline of third reason >Unit 4OOOOOOOPA GE SAfter you have understood the essay topic requirements and determined your contention, you have to gather and ave gath ve ga plan your knowledge of the text into a well-structured and detailed text response essay. You will need to draw on your ill notes, text research and text annotations as is appropriate to the response you wish to develop in order to make an op mak essay plan. In reality, whether you are preparing for a text response SAC or the exam, the essay plan is your ????rst draft??™ e ???? ??“ it is an essential ???road map??™ to writing an effective, focused text response essay under pressure.

er97801701853329 OEvidence 1 to support third reason > Evidence 2 to support third reason > Brief outline of fourth reason > Evidence 1 to support fourth reason > Evidence 2 to support fourth reason >OOOOIn this type of plan, the central contention is developed through a detailed discussion of key extracts, events or ey o ???moments??™ in the text in relation to the topic.Contention:Extract 1: This extract suggestsExtract 2: This extract illustratesSA MP LEExtract 4: This extract implies Extract 5: This extract proposes ractExtract 3: This extract demonstratesText plan chartIntroduction Body paragraph 1 Body paragraph 2 Body paragraph 3 Body paragraph 4 Conclusion Main contention Main point Main point Main point Main point Main contention Background, key words and concepts Evidence Evidence Evidence Evidence Link with topic List main reasons Explanation Explanation Explanation Explanation Summary of points10English Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4PA GE S9780170185332Extract plan format Fish scale plan formatContention Main pointsConclusionBranch plan formatSpider plan format an nContention i ionE Apoints Main point poinSKILL APPLICATIONDevelop an essay plan on the text, topic and contention you prepared in Unit 3. Use one of the selected planning strategies above. Try out different strategies.PA GE SEvidenceEvidence e Main pointsEvidenceContention9780170185332Unit 411 UNIT 14Year of Wondersby Geraldine BrooksAn excellent text response essay to Geraldine Brooks??™ Year of Wonders re?ects f re?ec e?ec most of the following top range grade descriptor qualities as speci?ed in t VCE the English/English As A Second Language Assessment Handbook: 2008??“2 andbook: 2008??“20 for Unit 4, book: 2008??“2011 Outcome 1:41??“50 marks: A highly developed and well-sustained interpretation of a selected text supported by rpretation the considered selection and use of highly appropriate textual evidenc Thorough and insightful evidence. e understanding of the ideas, characters and themes constructed and p presented in the selected text. structed Complex discussion and critical analysis of the ways in which t author constructs meaning and ich the expresses or implies a point of view and values. Highly appropriate use of relevant metalanguage to pr support analysis.

Highly expressive, ?uent an coherent writing. t andContent features sMP LESAMPLE TOPICExcellent e essayJon Milston, the sexton, says, ?????¦ these times, they do make monsters of us all??™. Is this a ti fair assessment of the townsfolk of Eyam living under quarantine EySA2 The quote is contextualised in uote contextualis the text. ext. t.

3 The quote is explaine ote s explained. explained 4 A key term is clari?ed ??“ clar l ???monster??™. 5 Clear contention. 6 The student will examine secondary characters to demonstrate the qualities of ???monstrous??™ behaviour.

7 Character adjectives are consistent with the concept of monstrousness.1 Student offers brief context ief contex for the novel and links it to the ks topic.G Gera Geraldine Brooks (1) depicts a community caught in ex extraordinary times in her historical novel Year of Wonders, (2) which is set in the ???plague town??™ Eyam in 1666??“1667. 1 Weary of carting so many corpses, the town sexton, Jon Milston laments to the protagonist, Anna Frith, that ?????¦ these times, they do make monsters of us all??™. Milston makes the comment as an explanation of his irritation about being called to the Maston household where Mr Maston is not quite dead yet. 2 In this context, the comment suggests that in times of crisis people may act disrespectfully and immorally towards each other. 3 (3) Generally, when people are described as ???monsters??™ they are considered to be villainous, amoral and dangerous. 4 (3) Whilst it is appropriate to consider some characters in the text as ???monstrous??™, other characters are quite heroic and decent as evident in the way they respond to these extraordinary circumstances.

5 The motivations and actions of Josiah Bont and Aphra mark them as truly ???monstrous??™. 6 (4) A man of violent, abusive and domineering disposition, 7 (5) Bont exploits the hardships of the villagers for his own pro?t. He sets himself up as a gravedigger and extorts excessive prices for his services by seizing money and goods of value from the families of thePA GE SExpression and mechanics features1 Author identi?ed. 2 Text genre and title identi?ed. Title correctly punctuated. 3 Effective vocabulary used to explain the meaning of the term ???monster??™. 4 Clear topic sentence ??“ indicates focus of paragraph and links with the topic. 5 Effective character vocabulary.

Unit 14THE EXCELLENT ESSAY978017018533269 Jon Milston, the sexton, says, ?????¦ these times, they do make monsters of us all??™ Is this a fair assessment of the townsfolk of . Eyam living under quarantine Content features Excellent essay Expression and mechanics featuresence con c 6 Indirect evidence ??“ concise description of key events. f 7 Compound sentences combining ound com combi evidence and interpretation. nce 8 Comparative conjunction. conjunction 9 Short quote embedded in embed embedd sentence.9 Interpretation of character in relation to the topic.

10 Comparative comment about characters in relation to the topic. 11 Student summarises aspects of characters which illustrate their monstrousness. 12 The student indicates that he/she will discuss how the villagers illustrate the qualities of monstrousness when they act as a mob. 13 Interpretation. 14 Student presents reasons for the behaviour of the villagers.

15 Appropriate interpretation of quote in relation to topic.SA70English Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4MP LEPA GE S12 Long quote embedded in a sentence. 14 Effective term. 15 Concluding sentence outlines reasons for behaviour.8 Textual evidence to illustrate previously used character adjectives.dead.

His most heinous (5) act is when he attempts to bury a man alive in order to appropriate his wealth. 8 (6) Bont??™s depraved greed and disregard for the value of human life 9 are condemned by the exploited villagers who bring him to the Barmote Court for punishment. He is denied mercy and perishes on the moors impaled to a stowe for his crimes against those who were already suffering. (7) Like (8) her husband, Aphra also exploits the community by preying on the widespread grief and fear. An uncouth, gossiping and superstitious person, 7 (5) she masquerades as the ghost of he e Anys Gowdie and dispenses spells to the desperate for money. erate e 8 Aphra??™s greed and disregard for the very real distress of eal others denotes her complete immorality. 9 Aphra also maligns ma the name of Anys Gowdie who was essentially a healer who entially worked for the good of the villagers. 10 Aphra is labelled ???the phra la ???t devil??™s creature??™ (9) and censured by the villagers, two of whom gers, mete out their own punishment of her by holding her in a pit g he h of manure.

Aphra??™s descent into madness leads to her ?nal nt in despicable acts of murder, then su suicide. In dif?cult times, it is rder, evident that some become ???monsters??™ and seize opportunities ecome ???monsters to exploit others. 11 (10) s. 0) On the surface, the villagers of Eyam appear to be o an altruistic and peaceful people but there are incidents stic tic peopl people, where communal fear takes over their actions under the ommunal o pressure of the plague.

12 (11) The village reactions at the ssure sure onset of the plague are quite polarised. 13 We learn that the pl villagers support ea other in the scene where Maggie and suppo each Brand return, ?????¦ those with less somehow make shrift to rand share??™. (12) On the other hand, (13) fear and hysteria cause 12) O spontaneous mob mentality with devastating and horri?c a spontan sponta consequences. 14 The frenzied scapegoating (14) of the Gowdie cons conseq women wom and the lynching of Anys Gowdie were atrocious mob acts. Mompellion denounces the villagers in moral terms: ?????¦ a the Devil has been here this night ??¦ your own ugly thoughts and evil doubting of one another??™. (12) Mompellion??™s outburst highlights the mob??™s false sense of self-righteousness and he exposes the human capacity for evil.

15 The potential for mob violence continues to simmer just below the surface and Anna observes when Aphra is caught, ???We were all of us like wounded animals, our hurts so raw and our fear so great that we would lash out at anyone, especially someone who had acted as evilly as Aphra??™. (12) The intense pressure and fear of living with the plague and its devastation cause the villagers to act in ???monstrous??™ ways. (15) Mompellion considers the Bradford??™s abandonment of the village to be a scandalous act worthy of being punished by God??™s wrath. 16 (16) Colonel Bradford??™s blatant disregard for the villagers and his arrogant expressions of privilege raise Mompellion??™s ire, who believes that the privileged have a ???duty??™ (9) to others in dif?cult times. (5) From this perspective, their betrayal of the village is ???monstrous??™.

1710 Concluding s sentence ??“ links to topic.11 Clear topic sentence ??“ indicates ear t focus of paragraph and links with o the topic. th13 Introductory conjunction/phrase.16 Clear topic sentence ??“ indicates focus of paragraph and links with the topic.

9780170185332 Jon Milston, the sexton, says, ?????¦ these times, they do make monsters of us all??™ Is this a fair assessment of the townsfolk of . Eyam living under quarantine Content features Excellent essay Expression and mechanics features24 Clear summary of those who mary tho t did not succumb to acting like cumb umb li ???monsters??™. s??™.Key Vocabulary From EssaySA MP LE72English Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4 9780170185332PA GE SKey Quotes From Essay Essaoften give rise to the more honourable and heroic qualities in individuals as seen in the actions of Anna, Elinor and Michael Mompellion.

(24) Word count: 1326 THE SATISFACTORY ESSAYA satisfactory text response essay to Geraldine Brooks??™ Year of Wonders re?ects most of the following medium range grade descriptor qualities as speci?ed in the VCE English/English As A Second Language Assessment Handbook: 2008??“2011 for Unit 4, Outcome 1:21??“30 marks: A generally well-sustained interpretation of a selected text supported by textual evidence. Knowledge of the ideas, characters and themes constructed and presented in the selecte nted selected text. Discussion and some analysis of the ways in which the author constructs meaning and expr expresses or implies a point of view and values. Use of mainly relevant metalanguage to support analy analysis. Generally expressive, ?uent and coherent writing.

A satisfactory text response essay presents a mostly relevant response to the topic and also contains adequate content he con co and adequate expression. An essay of this standard reads as though it is un?nished, or ???half-baked??™. ???hal Read the following sample satisfactory text response essay on Geraldine Brooks??™s novel Year of Wonders and eraldine raldine n no complete the tasks in order to improve the standard of the essay.SAMPLE TOPIC???Year of Wonders explores how people are changed by catastrophe.??™ Discuss.

MP LESatisfactory essayGeraldine Brooks??™s award-winning (1) historical novel The Year of Wonders (2) orical rical o is set in the English village of Eyam, 1666 to 1667. The nove is based on true 666 no novel historical events. The novel explores themes like the mean of life and death, s mea meaning the experience of the loss of faith, the dangers of sup superstition and hysteria th, and also how people cope in very dif?cult ti ery times.

(3) Catastrophe in the form of the plague arrived in the close-knit village in 166 in a roll of cloth from London. knit 1 1666 Soon the village was riddled with the plagueiddled ddled plague-sores, fevers and many painful deaths. In the end, around 260 villagers died ??“ only a ?fth of the villagers nd d survived. (4) (5) All of the main characters in the story ??“ Anna Frith, Michael charact Mompellion, the villagers and Josia Bont and Aphra ??“ were changed by their Josiah Josi experiences of the plague. es Anna Frith is the central protagonist in the novel who narrates the story centr from her ?rst person point of view.

(6) She is transformed by the catastrophes m er po poin ncounters. counters. tr she encounters. The tragic death of her husband in a mine collapse left her a other t widowed mother of two at the age of 18. Although she was bereaved and lonely, she drew comfort from loving her children and her connection with nature.

(7) mfor f Anna showed strength of spirit (8) in continuing to farm and work as a servant at Bradford Hall and the rectory. In comparison to some of the other female characters in the story, (9) she had an independence and determination that was unusual for women of that era. The outburst of plague in Eyam set Anna on the path of permanent personal change and a previously unimagined direction in her life.

Initially, she was so deeply depressed by the shocking effects of the plague and the loss of her sons that she took refuge in mind-numbing herbs. (10) Under the guidance of Elinor Mompellion, Anna began to learn about herbal lore and to practise as a midwife following the scapegoat deaths of the Gowdie women. On many occasions, she proved a sel?ess, compassionate and empathetic midwife and homoeopath. (11) Together with Elinor, Anna exhibited great bravery and courage. Anna risked her life for the sake of others. (12) Previously a devout woman, Anna began to question conventional religious beliefs in the light of her new herbal knowledge and the continuing of the Black Death in the village. (13) This leads to her eventual disillusionment with religious faith. (14)9780170185332SAPA GE SImprovement tasks1 This is not necessary in an analytical essay.

Remove. 2 Punctuate title correctly. 8 Clarify the meaning of this by inserting an explanatory phrase.

11 Give speci?c evidence. 12 Give speci?c evidence. 13 Give speci?c evidence. 14 Give speci?c evidence.3 The introduction must immediately address the topic in some way. The opening three sentences of this introduction are general.

Rewrite them so that the introduction immediately shows some connection with the topic. 4 Some historical context is necessary, but this is distracting. Rewrite these sentences so that the detail is concise. 5 Explain the concept of ???catastrophe??™ ??“ it is more than just an event. 6 Describing a character is not a topic sentence. Rewrite the topic sentence so that you introduce the character in the context of the essay topic. 7 Provide and discuss evidence to support this view of her.9 State which female characters would be a useful comparison.

10 Add a line or two about how this response to catastrophe changed Anna.Unit 1473 BLOCKSESSAY TOPICTHE TEXT RESPONSE ESSAY PLANComplete the following tasks in order to plan your response to Geraldine Brooks??™ novel Year of Wonders.???It is the story of Anna??™s courage and hope that engages the reader rather than the drama of the plague.??™ Discuss.1 Key wordsWrite out the key words/phrases in the topic.2 SynonymsGive synonyms for the key words/phrases.3 Paraphrase of topic ??“ 1Write a paraphrase of the topic by directly substituting appropriate synonyms for the key words/phrases.

itutin ituting apSA MP LE4 Paraphrase of topic ??“ 2 5 What do I have to think and write about o thinIn order to answer this topic, I must think and write about der thWrite a paraphrase of the topic by reversing the order of ideas in the original topic statement (i.e. begin with the ic or second half of the topic statement sentence). atement senten tementComplete the following sentence in order to understand the demands of the topic. ete sent6 Questioning the topicList your own questions about the topic and consider possible answers.7 My point of view ??“ Agree Disagree MaybeRevise your responses to the preceding tasks.

Based on these responses, determine your point of view on the topic. Using a combination of words and phrases from your responses, write a sentence stating your point of view.PA GE SUnit 14978017018533275 THE TEXT RESPONSE TRAINING ESSAYComplete the following essay by writing appropriate paragraphs for each topic sentence by drawing on your knowledge of the text. Ensure that you develop your ideas in line with the contention and topic sentences. Incorporate both direct and indirect references to the text.

Also, write a conclusion for the essay. When you have completed this essay, brainstorm other approaches to the topic.SAMPLE TOPICThe decision of the villagers of Eyam to quarantine themselves in order to prevent the spread of the plague appears e pread pla plagu a sel?ess and altruistic act on the face of it. However, as the plague ravages households and destroys lives, the holds liv community begins to disintegrate under fear and profound grief.

Ignorance, superstition and hysteria begin to perstition erstition hyster permeate their beliefs and actions. The con?ict shifts from being one of a united community battling an external foe in ted bat battl the form of pestilence to one of a community divided within itself. The personal and community consequences are as ersonal rsonal commun devastating as the shocking effects of the plague itself. Ignorance and naivety prove to be dangerous in understanding and managing the plague itself as villagers fall ng managin back on their beliefs about the reasons for plagues.SA MP LEConclusion9780170185332Once Eyam becomes enclosed, fears and pressures mount amongst the villagers and superstitions begin to govern nd essures a their beliefs and actions.The ignorance and superstition instigate communal hysteria as the plague continues and the future looks bleak.

d insti insAnother factor operating in the village that proves to be just as lethal as the plague is ??¦ other r oPA GE S???Brooks explores how ignorance, superstition and hysteria can be as fatal as an any plague.??™ Discuss.Unit 1477 UNIT 19 Text response SAC and exam adviceThere are three essential stages in preparing for a SAC or exam: 1 2 3 reading or viewing/researching/reviewing making essay plans writing timed essays.Reading or viewing, researching and/or hing and/ and reviewingO ORead the 2008 English Exam Assessment Report and note any points relevant to your work on texts. ts relevan rele Re-read the text. Use a highlighter or pencil to note signi?cant sentences, phrases and words. sigOOView the ?lm with subtitles on or with the ???Director??™s Commentary??™ on.

Make notes. s ???Dire View any additional features included on the DVD. Make notes. res Re-read all of your class notes on the text. Reorganise your notes. Write out (or type out) all of your notes.

Add any lass t ideas that arise during this process. se proc Swap notes with other stu p oth students. Discuss each other??™s notes. Add notes to your own notes from this exchange.

Make a list of quotations and/or key vocabulary under thematic headings. ke qu quot Make a list of quotations and/or key vocabulary under character headings. t Make a list of quotations and/or key vocabulary under symbols and/or images headings.

Read study guides, critical articles and author information. Collect vocabulary and assertions on characters, ideas/ themes, textual structures and features. Consider ???resistant readings??™; that is, how might different types of readers or groups re?ect on the characters, ideas and events in the text Consider how the setting and symbols in the text contribute to the author??™s messages.OOSAO O O O O O O114English Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4MP LWrite brief chapter summaries as you read. Include details on who, what, where, when, why, how and key quotes. ou deEOListen to a ???talking book??™ reading of the text.

Follow the text as you listen. texPA GE S9780170185332 Sample exam: Section A ??“ Text response1 Bypass: the Story of a Road i ???The humour in the text is the reason readers connect with the characters in Bypass: the Story of a Road.??™ Do you agree OR ii ???In Bypass: the Story of a Road, we learn more about the narrator than the road itself.

??™ Discuss. .3Dear America ??“ Letters Home from Vietnam i Dear America – Letters Home from Vietnam has such an impact on the reader because so many voices provide ader man their own stories. As well as this, what other features of the text affect the reader the most fect ect m mo OR ii ???Only by knowing the personal stories of people who endured Vietnam can readers gain a comprehension of ed reade ead the true horror of this time in history.??™ Discuss. A Farewell to Arms i Hemingway??™s novel is a bleak presentation of war. Are there any positive aspects of humanity evident to the p posit reader OR ii How does the text illustrate human frailty ty Great Short Works: Edgar Allan Poe i ???It is the basic ?aws in Poe??™s characters that are most striking, not the stories??™ horror.??™ Discuss.

racters acters s OR ii ???Are Poe??™s stories still macabre to contemporary readers??™ cabre contemporar abre45SA MP L6 7 8 9118English Exam Text Response VCE Units 3 & 4Hard Times i ???Dickens may aim to provide social commentary in Hard Times; however, the novel succeeds in entertaining the soci com reader.??™ Discuss. OR ii ???Hard Times fails to engage the reader because all of the characters are stereotypes.??™ Do you agree es thHome i How is the title of this text signi?cant in conveying Behrendt??™s concerns ow OR ii ???Home is an effective blend of several forms ??“ part history, part memoir, part ?ction.??™ Discuss. effe effeA Human Pattern man Patt an i ???Judith W h Wright laments the destruction and loss of both nature and Indigenous cultures in A Human Pattern.??™ Discuss.

OR ii ???From reading Wright??™s poetry, readers learn to ignore themselves and instead concentrate on the world around them.??™ Do you agreeInterpreter of Maladies i ???Place is central to an understanding of culture, both of the family and ethnicity.??™ Discuss. OR ii How do these stories engage readers to empathise with the plights of the charactersEPA GE S2Cosi i Cosi is structured as a play-within-a-play. Explore the connections between Cosi and Cosi Fan Tutte. Tutte. OR ii ???In Cosi, Louis Nowra forces audiences to question what it means to be ???normal?????™. Discuss.

mal?????™. Discuss9780170185332