if it were up to most people, they would stay the same-but time wont let them.

Discuss how various composers have explored circumstances that influence individual or society to change.

Most people are reluctant to change, but the catalyst, time, brings upon circumstances that influence individuals or society to change. In A Room With A View, E.M Forster portrays self discovery and change through the young Lucy, who escapes the rigidity of English culture to the liberated warmth of Italy. Srhe begins to understands and change her views on society. Similar to A Room With A View, Barry Levinson has explored throughout his film Rain Man how circumstances or even people can influence individuals to change. This is explored though the character Charlie Babbitt and how his new found brother Raymond, the environment around him brings upon circumstances that changes Charlie emotionally. In contrast to these two texts Miroslav Holub encaptulates change in a way of connecting with the reader and asking them to under go a change rather then a persona of the text.
These texts all explore the progression of the individual protagonist,maturation influenced by the society and individuals surrounding them, and the possibilities change bestowes upon ones self.

The Edwardian social comedy A Room With A View explores circumstances which are evidently life altering from some of the characters These particular life altering circumstances take place in an Italian pensione and in a corner of Surrey, England. In part One Lucy is exploring her possible change from restricting British conventions. Upon her arrival to Italy Lucys Values are that of a quite typical English Lady, polite, a sense of propriety and class. Forster juxtaposes the symbolic differences between Italy and England. Idealised Italy as a place of freedom and sexual expression. Italy promised raw, natural passion that inspired many British people of the era who wished to escape the constrictions of English society. While Lucy is in Italy her views of the world around her change dramatically and circumstances such as the murder in the piazza open her eyes to a world beyond her ???protected windy corner???. In the section of the novel where the murder takes place, Forster chooses to make this scene a pivotal moment in of Lucys change. Here she is forced into two minds as of how to behave, and after persistence from George Emerson, she finally accepts his help. Here she grasps her own opinions ???he was trustworthy, intelligent and even kind???. The event that occurred moments before spurred Lucy to form her own opinion of George, and accepted who he was even though society had marginalised him an his father as ???socialists???

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The most potent circumstance that leads to Lucys understanding of others and herself is the excursion when the group drive to see a view. Lucy in search of Mr. Beebe falls down into a beautiful valley flooded with violets and it is here amongst the beauty that Lucy sees George who upon seeing Lucy ???stepped forward and kissed her???. Awakening Lucy sexually and to the ideas and possibilities if she were to accept the inevitable. This caused major change in her life in being kissed by someone who was not betrothed to you was against societal rules, therefore pushing the boundaries of her stereotype. The use of pathetic fallacy on Lucys return to the pensione, her feelings of torment and confusion are shown through the rain and stormy weather. The impromptu kiss causes Lucy to rethink her understanding of herself and makes a hasty decision at once to return safety to England.

In ARoom With A View the reader noticesthe struggle for meaning in a world of self-deceit, we witness Lucy, the main protagonist , in her efforts to understand herself and grapple with her feelings for George Emerson. The aura surrounding the Emerson family and Lucy??™s responses towards them pushes her from involving herself with George, only further removing Lucy from herself her deep emotions. As Forster writes, ???She gave up trying to understand herself??? and followed ???neither the heart nor the brain??? sinning ???against passion and truth??? as she faced ???the enemy within???. Cecil Vise, the more conventional suitor, appears on the surface to be a much more socially acceptable match for Lucy. Here Forster offers the reader a clear signs of the personal conflicts that Lucy faces as she recognises the emptiness that arises from the force of convention. In actuality, as the story unfolds, Cecil increasingly represents a powerful symbol of a dark medieval masculinity which Lucy deplores. She, however, suppresses this angst, and, in so doing, deceives not only herself but also those around her as she confronts her own emotional turmoil. This theme within the storyline could be considered as the central idea; here Forster??™s finale showcases an attempt for the individual human to release herself from early 20th century morality in order to grapple with her unrestrained emotions. She ceases to play along with the idea of the repressed society and courageously crosses the class divide in order to find solace with George Emerson. Lucy??™s struggle is not outside the class struggle, as Lucy strips away the social prejudices engrained within her and comes to grips with what she perceives as her true self in a deeply classed society.

Similar to A Room With A View the audience follows Rain Mans protagonist Charlie Babbitt undergo an emotional, and personal change on how he perceives society and individuals around him. Under the circumstance of meeting his autistic savant brother, named Raymond, this is able to happen. Charlie is forced to make a personal change in himself so that Raymond will co-operate with him. Raymonds Autistic trates of having to watch a certain t.v show to having the proper underwear on all prve challenging for charlie to adapt to. A pivotal point which changed Charlies view of raymond from frustrating to helpful, was the scene taken place in a diner. Although Charlie is still seeing Raymond as more of an object rather then a brother or even a person. We notice the realisation when the camera takes an up close angle on Charlie face, which captures the pint in time when his perceptions change. As Charlie finds out Raymond is incredibly smart and could be of help to Charlie to win money through gambling, the shot of his face zooms into his eyes. This scene is important, even though the audience sees this as a negative change in Charlie as hes exploiting his brother, it is still in fact a change brought upon by and incident or circumstance. As they arrive into the cassino, the audience notices something very important and this acts also as a stepping stone in the movie for change. When Charlie and Raymond come down the escalator the camera conveys a shot of them standing on the same step of the escalator as eachother, representing they have made some progress ad can be seen to be on the same level as eachother. Whilst the audience notices they are on the same step, the also notice that they are both sporting identical suites to eachother, as previously throughout the movie Charlis has been seen wearing 1980s apparel whilst raymond seen in 1960s apparel. thisis another pivitol point in Rain Man as it is a symbolic scene of the bond and change they have made

A critical scene which exposes Charlies change, and transition from a self centred man to a man who has a widened view of society around him, the scene is taken place in the hotel. Levinson uses back-cutting, to show a lapse of time during a movie without the focused person moving, yet all the people and objects around them are forever changing. Through the middle of the movie back-cutting is used in a shot where Charlie is sitting in the hotel. Levinson plays diagetic sound, people and atmosphere changing. Whether this was intentional or not of conveying a change in charlie and how through the circumstance of spending a long time with his autistic brother this has shown to have changed Charlies views and societies views of Charlie as now he isnt so self centred and can take in how society around him is important shown through the back-cutting

In contrast to the previous two texts the reader will notice that in this text, Holub has foccused on trying to make the reader then one effected and embraced by change rather then displaying it through a persona in his text. The Door” is based on the idea of taking risks and embracing change. The poet uses a persuasive and insistent tone to encourage the audience to take action. The lack of rhythm, rhyme and conventional structure also give the poem a conversational tone. The poem opens with the line “Go and open the door” and is used to begin the following three stanzas. The repetition of the imperative constructs a strong sense of not only urgency and necessity, but it also gives the audience a sense of the poets voice and presence trying to persuade the responder to take action and do something with his/her life urging them to change.The door can be seen as a metaphor for our minds and hearts; Holub is encouraging us to open up ourselves and make a change.
“The Door” also provides the responder with a listing of the realm of possibilities
which change can bring about: a tree, or a wood, a garden or a magic city. These
possibilities range from the most plain and ordinary to the most fantastical and
magical. Holub is saying that whatever the consequences of change are, there is noway in knowing what to expect, but once we have opened the door, change will the follow.The idea of change is more clear in the final stanza of the poem:even if/nothing/is there, At least/therell be/a draught. Holub is telling us with thisoptimistic tone that as long as we open the door, there is always a change, no matterhow small or big. As long as we will ourselves to open the door, there will always be a change. Holub has, by the end of the poem, used a very persuasive and almostpleading tone to tell the reader to just take an action, to discover themselves through the possibilities of change.


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