NSW board of studies has decided to make a required reading list for year 11. You have been asked to argue for the inclusion of the club in this list.

A relevant text for year 11 to study is ???The Club??? a play written by David Williamson. It should be included on a required reading list because the issues explored in the play are relevant to modern society. The themes explored in the play are rebellion, sexism and rank and positions in authority. These issues are common in modern society and are relevant to Yr 11??™s area of study.

Rebellion is very common in modern society and is thoroughly explored throughout the text as a concept of authority. Rebellion is evident when Danny and Geoff take down the club photographs in the clubs office/meeting room. Danny and Geoff are rebelling against Gerry and Jock, they are removing the clubs property without consulting the owner. Rebellion is also demonstrated when Laurie observes Danny and Geoff take down the photos without exercising his power to make them stop.

There is also an act of rebellion when Jocks photo is dropped on the floor and Geoff suggests ???Don??™t let it lie there. Jump on it???. The use of satire creates humour and critisizes Jock, ridiculing him in a gentle way. This is demonstrated when Danny And Geoff have a conversation about Jock. Danny tells Geoff that ???Jock always sends his mum flowers on the 29th May no matter what, congratulating her???. Geoff asks ???is it her birthday???. Danny replies ???No, his.??? The use of this technique is used to recognise that Jock is very self centred.
The use of short sentences reinforces the idea of rebellion , the action to remove the photos. This is evidenced when Danny suggests ???Good idea. Lets take the rest down (photos). They wouldn??™t want to be up here either???. The use of this technique is used to recognise that Jock is very self centred.
These techniques convey a message of rebellion. Rebellion is a majory concept of Authority explored in this play, and is extensively used at the end of the play.

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Sexism is a major issue explored in this text and is also an important issue in modern society. Sexism is the belief or attitude that one sex is inherently superior to, more competent than, or more valuable than the other, mostly being men over woman. This issue is exposed when Jock and Gerry are blackmailing ted into resigning. They talk about a stripper that Ted abused. Ted replies that ???I only slapped her???. This informs us that he thinks slapping a women is okay and not a bad thing to do, his knowledge of meaning of the words abuse is poor. Ted??™s sentences continually grow shorter, creating and highlighting a defensive tone. Techniques such as colloquial language are used in this part of the text. Jock states ???with closed fists, you mongrel???, this informs us that Jock is constantly using slang and colloquial language , highlighting his lack of intelligence.

Sexism is all so demonstrated when Ted refers to the stripper as a ???trollop??™, degrading her as a person. This use of colloquial language informs the reader that Ted has no respect for women. The stripper is never given a name, this takes away her humanity and makes an object for men to use. Ted also states that ???she must have got one of her friends to slap her around so that she??™d get more money out of me.??? Both Jock and Ted see women as a lower figure in society.

When Gerry, Laurie and Jock are talking about Danny??™s girlfriend another example of sexism is demonstrated. Jock states that ???Raylene??™s a hell of a nice girl but the word is she??™s not a great one for hiding the sausage???. This implies that Raylene is bad at sex, and in a males perspective she is not satisfying her partner and there for not doing her job. This example very effectively highlights the concept of sexism and how women are just ???tools??™ for men.
Sexism is constantly explored in The Club and is relevant to Year 11??™s area of study in Authority as it explores mans dominance over women both in past and present.

Another area of authority explored in this text is rank and positions in authority. This type of authority explores legal authority however in this text it is highlighted through abuse of power. Ted, being the club president, uses his power to persuade Laurie into leaving. Ted wants to make it look like Laurie is resigning because firing him would make himself look bad. This is highlighted when Ted states ???sack him what do you mean sack him he??™s bloody well resigned. We??™re not sacking anyone???. The use of a rhetorical question in this sentence allows the audience to recognise ted??™s view, by developing a frustrated, neglected tone. The tone informs the reader that Ted is stressed and under pressure.
Rank and position is also exposed when Ted refuses to be sacked and personally resigns. His position as president can not save him from being sacked so to keep his dignity he resigns. Ted states ???nobody is going to sack me, Laurie. I??™ve just resigned. ??? Gerry and jock combined their powers of authority to overthrow Ted. Gerry tells Ted he will miss him and that ???I hope i can do justice to the faith you showed in me???. Ted replies ???im sure you will. Ted tells this blackly, and with sarcasm. This informs us that Ted can see through gerry and that gerry is also using sarcasm but not intentional like Ted.
Rank and position is a strong view in this text. Their positions of power define their character and shape peoples decisions.

The Club is a relative text to year 11??™s area of study because it explores different concepts of authority such as rebellion, sexism and rank and position,these issues are explored through all areas of the text. When Geoff states that ???the team can go to hell??? he is exercising his power as the new president. The Club is a controversial story including sexist views, unfairness and abuse of power and therefore should be included the year 11 required reading list.


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