English and American Prison Systems

English and American Prison Systems
The English and the American governments have made very stern laws about the prison system. They have kept in view the amount of time in jail, the severity of offence and the way to give rigorous punishment.
There are many disparities in their systems which lead to a better perception of the progress in these countries. A lot differences have been forced on the British system by the European Union. One of the major differences is that the English prison system permits the communication of prisoners with other counteractive sources. These sources include the electronic and print media and provide an idea of a fair trial and consideration of human rights.
There has been a raise in the crime rate in the United States in the recent years and new policies have been passed by the government. The prisons are now functioning under the firm image of federal and state governments. There are two types of cells for prisoners that are the penitentiary and jails. Inmates who receive a sentence of less than one year are placed in jails and are controlled by state governments. These prisoners do not receive harsh punishment and are detained in the jails. The inmates are allowed to have a visitation with their relatives.
Inmates that are given more of a severe punishment by the courts for a longer period of time are kept in penitentiaries and are under the federal or state authority. These inmates are secluded from the jail type of inmate and their cells are different from them. These inmates are not allowed the allotted time to meet their relatives that jails inmate are and are kept under strict supervision. The lives of criminals in the English prisons is different.
English inmates are kept with inmates who have committed a less severe crime. They are also given absolute human rights and are permitted to meet with their relatives. These facilities give an impression of a civilized trial and punishment to the inmates.
Some inmates are sentenced to a life time in prison and are not given the option of paroling out. However, in the English system they are allowed to have the option of parole while serving a lifetime sentence.
The levels of security are determined for the prisoners according to their sentence. The United States has various level of security: low, minimum, medium and maximum. The low level of security is basically? first time offenders or inmates who have worked themselves up in the system and are possibly on their way out of prison. The minimum level is for inmates that are elderly or inmates that have committed a less severe crime. This level of inmate can be trusted and is usually designated as a form of trustee or in a trusted work detail. Medium level security is the typical level that all inmates are classified under. Inmates who are being incarcerated for the first time full under the medium level of security. These inmates have to earn the respect and trust of staff in order for them to be classified at a different level. Last but not least, there is the maximum security level. This level of inmate is in lockdown for most of their incarceration time and are typically the more violent and feared inmates of the population. In order for an inmate to be considered at this level, the inmate must have committed an extremely violent crime in or outside of prison.? 
So we can say that the English prison system is better as compared to the American prison system as it offers excellent human rights and gives punishments to the criminals that can be justified on moral grounds.


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