Kaizen mindset
Setting out kaizen mindset in the organisation is the starting point of the kaizen. In order to implement kaizen the organisation should be aware of the kaizen strategy.
* Improvement can be done and efforts should be made to make such improvement
* Everyday an kaizen activity should be done to achieve improvement.
* Everyone in the organisation should suggest an improvement.
* Identify the needs of the customer and establish a customer driven strategy to improve customer satisfaction.
* A corporate culture should be introduce where the problems within the organisation should be discuss.
Just in time system
Just in time manufacturing ensures manufacturing of the product at the required quantity and at the prescribe time. It is system which emphasizes more on the continuous improvement by reducing the non value adding activities ( waste). In JIT system at every stage of the process one has to go back to the previous stage in order to take amount of material which is needed to him. The following are the elements of the just in time production system.
Reduce set up times
The set up time of the machines should be reduce because this adds no value to the product cost. With the help of the cart system, standard procedure and proper training to worker will help to reduce the set up times from hours to minutes.
Small batch production
A small batch production will reduce the high set up cost, huge investment, large amount of inventory and thus will provide a flexible way to manufacture goods of different variety in small batches.
Employee involvement and empowerment
A team should be formed in which a responsibility and training should be given to achieve the desirable task. The responsibility of housekeeping and the minor equipment repairs tasks must be done by the worker itself. Management should introduce an reward for the worker on improvement suggestion due to which the workers will be motivated
Quality at source
In order to reduce product defect the workers should be assign to identify the defect and correct itself as soon as possible rather than passing it to the next stage. The Toyota production system uses a jidoka system in which if the problem is not solve in the prescribe limit the entire line of the process is halt.

Pull production system
In pull production system, on the basis of the demand for the material the work should be performed at every stage of the process, this will help to reduce the lead time and huge amount of inventory. A kanban system should be used which will maintain the coordination of the work flow between each stages of the process.

production flow
a single piece flow system will enable the organisation to reduce the rearranging of the equipment as the single equipment can be used for performing several operations due to which the work piece flow is not carried out according to design process.


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