The legal system in the United States is highlydeveloped and despite comprising many levels and judicially functions differentby each state, the overal procedures tend to be performed after a veryconvoluted set of legal and ethical evaluating.

1Before the jury carries out the final verdict, it undergoes an extremelylenghty process of evidence-based analysis and, despite oftentimes extremelydifficult, an objective and a fair trial with the focus on indvidual’srights irregardless of the crime.2In case of capital punishment there are twelve carefully selected jury memberswho decide that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.Cases where innocent individuals were sentenced to death did occur and area common theme in several movies and novels (e.g Green Mile) but suchpercentage is extremely low and does not constitute for the main argumentagainst the procedure.

3(It is believed that since 1973, 1.6 percent of formerly sentenced inmates wereexonerated4.)5 Wishfully this phenomena is to decrease with the impovements offorensic science and technology in general. 1 S