Racial hatred and abuse of other cultures-against
Imagine your annoyance and aggravation knowing that the final spot to the college or university you applied for was rewarded to someone from another race or ethnic group. Would this make you frustrated The main point of this issue is ignorance not a certain country or colour. Is it possible to have an incredible amount of hatred for people??™s exterior, is that what we judge by now The crisis with racism is when this slight hatred arises, it can only get stronger. In Australia, racism of the Indigenous people has been a growing issue for an extensive amount of time. My outlook on this is that not only a small number of people are getting hurt, all people with a different colour skin are.

Racism has been reinforced to send subconscious messages throughout: lyrics of songs, poetry, and movies etc. racism being displayed in these communications influences people to contribute in such gruesome acts. Racism is also an immense matter around the world. It was recorded that racism first came about in 1788 by the European??™s when they took over the Aboriginals native soil.
Are Australians two faced towards different races That hideous face seems to reoccur more frequently than in the 90??™s when one nation enjoyed the support of its racist policies.

The Aboriginals being the first settlers on our land receive the heaviest of racism. What do we achieve from Aboriginal racism Do we bully them because of their unique skin colour The Aboriginals were the first form of life to walk on the paradise we call home; shouldn??™t we treat them with respect No, the Europeans didn??™t show respect to these unique people, instead they took over their beautiful country, forced their children to flee their families and then endangered their Aboriginal lifestyle, culture and spiritual beliefs. Many Aboriginals haven??™t been able to recover from these vile demands and have felt so lost and alone that they feel they don??™t belong in their Indigenous communities or the Australian culture. However along with taking their children all Aboriginals lost their human rights. The law worked against them the whole time and while they were suffering the white citizens were enjoying their freedom. These stolen children were left with the loss of their identity and rejection from the Australian society which leads them to adolescence full of drug abuse, alcoholism and crime.

Australia has been involved in numerous bashings of unique colours or races. Are these bashing really worth the risk Indian students have been on the rise to receive the most violent attacks in Australia, with an estimate of 100 bashings in the past 12 months, most going unreported due to the fear of these students. On January 22nd two 18 year olds met at a Footscray Mc Donald??™s and decided to go ???Curry Bashing??? which means assaulting and robbing Indians. These men were faced at a Victorian court late last year. I can??™t answer the question as to why these people enjoy bashing up these innocent humans, but the question I can answer is that these kinds of people are selfless, merciless and racist.

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Although from some Australians perspectives they see that certain religions should keep to their own country and keep Australia from having too much choice of different colours and religious groups.

In conclusion all different religions are out their struggling for their rights and equality. Slight changes would have large impacts towards these unfortunate people who are coming to this country to seek a new life or who have been first settlers and have stolen their rights to live as typical loving humans.


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