I have just arrived to Australia. The weather here is warm and relaxing; the slight cool breeze brushing through my hair makes it feel like I??™m in paradise. It was the perfect time to travel here, just before New Year. I??™m overwhelmed with the fact that in couple of days I??™ll be spending it here, in Sydney. I??™m very excited. Here it feels like a horrible rush hour, like I can??™t take a breath! There??™s always something new to explore each day, can??™t wait to start my amazing week!

– It??™s Thursday and my first day in Australia. Okay, straight to the point. First thing I have to do is to visit the opera house. I??™ve been waiting for this my whole life. I??™ve seen stunning images and heard that there is lots of breath taking performances. Now i finally get to see the amazing contruction for my very own eyes.
I spent my whole day in Sydney, just wondering how beautiful the city is. I will come back to Sydney, Sunday. See you then. But for now I??™m really tired of walking. I think I should go and find a hotel. Take some rest and plan what I should do tomorrow.

– Friday

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I love sunny mornings. Sun is shining straight in to my hotel room, from the window. I think I??™m never going back to Finland. I love summer, and in Australia I can enjoy whole year of summer. For today??™s mission, is to visit Jamberoo!
Jamberoo is a worldwide known amusement park and seems like the place to go get wet and wild!
Oh gosh I??™m absolutely exhausted by the rides! Their totally awesome and better then what I expected.
Now I would like to eat some Australian food, but before I eat, I need to sit down for a few minutes and calm down, because otherwise might vomit.
After lunch, it??™s time to go back to the hotel and just lay on the beach which is right next to hotel.

– Saturday

Today will be an interesting day. Tonight when the clock hits 12, 2010 will be turned into 2011. It??™s New Year. Everything is closed today and I think I??™m just might use it to my advantage to get to know other tourists in the hotel.
While I??™m waiting for the night I??™m feeling comfy with all this luxurious hotel service.
Today I??™m not spending time on this diary. I will write tomorrow more about what happened, till then.

– Sunday
Like I said on the first day, I??™m returning to Sydney. So here we are again! I just wanted to come and see the Harboure Bridge.
The Bridge is more then what i expected, they say that the bridge is like a icon , and now i know why. I mean look at it, its huge!

– Monday

One thing that I??™m going to do today is to visit the zoo. I love animals, and this trip will be unforgettable to me??¦

After few hours – I was in the zoo and it was awesome trip! I definitely recommend it to everyone. The beautiful animals just gives u chills.

– Tuesday

This is the day which I haven??™t been waited for. I have to pack my stuff and get ready for the morning flight. Today I??™m just trying to eat for the last time this special food which I can??™t eat in Finland. I know I can??™t eat everything that I would like to eat, but I??™ll try.
This diary is just taking so much of my time that I have to go now. See you guys next time. I had lots of fun, and I??™ll never forget this trip.
Always I??™m my memories


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